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Made a song called "Freelance Police"

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Not really done with any kind of seriousness. Couple of factual inaccuracies in the canon made. Just thought I'd post it here.
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  • This is quite nice! It's got great flow and the zaniness of the beat really stays in the theme of Sam&Max. I like the audio distortion too, with the static. Although it was hard to catch some of the lyrics. You mind adding in the lyrics to the description box?
  • I am so using that as the theme music for my abridged series!
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    I don't have the lyrics typed in on my computer just yet, but I'll look into doing that tonight when I get off of work.
  • That was so beautiful~ ;A; <3 I... I.... ...... duuuuuuude~

    and yes. please. lyrics~
  • Does this count as Nerdcore? I sure hope so.
  • I was not expecting anything.... in fact I have ignored this thread but decided to click..... not bad.
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    Remolay;435329 said:
    Does this count as Nerdcore? I sure hope so.
    NO. NO. NO. NO.

    Not a fan of the Nerdcore label. If you consider the song topic nerdy, that's you, but I don't really think that describes everything I want to do. It just seems like such a shut door. "Quick, write a song about eighties cartoons and D&D - you're nerdcore now, baby."

    Just my feelings on it.

    And here are the lyrics:

    Commissioner calling and I'm sprawled into a race for the receiver.
    Been on the grind for years but never had "true believers."
    The most we ever had was a kid who turned our television
    into a cross-dimensional rift for ghouls to portal in
    and with that said, she didn't last a year
    so our upper-level office stays a private affair.
    Though the time has stayed kind, I have none to spare.
    We got a busy day ahead of us here, get on ya gear.
    Strange things afoot inside the city we're in.
    I've been working here for years and yet the names escape me
    but I haven't been much for feeling reminiscent lately
    with all the killer mutant robot zombies coming to slay me
    and with that, I hit back to the call we got.
    Said the city is in danger so let's give it a shot.
    In the box, got my gun and a badge with questions to ask
    but always shoot first when they get in my path.
    Ready to go, yo. Hop into the Desoto
    runnin' over sidewalks to impress all the auto-shop
    C.O.P.S. in exchange for upgrades and decals.
    The only problem is cleaning the blood up off the wheel wells.


    Hit a lever, get it on.
    The batcave we had is collapsed so now it's gone.
    Now we take the stairs to the exit to the alley to the car
    to the place around the corner, something like a grill and bar,
    where we're stuck in a conundrum with no chance of pushing far,
    wondering 'Are kids' games supposed to be this hard?'
    No time for children. I got my docket chock full
    of the hideous horrors that'd make a deaf mute strike a Wilhelm.
    Navigate north, about to get it Soda Poppin'.
    The dog and lagamorph version of Batman and Robin,
    but bats don't kill people - rabbits do,
    and dogs don't dig for bones; they keep the clues.
    Payin' out dues while puttin' folks in the dirt.
    Man, I can't control my partner when his pulse accels
    and he gets driven by a lust to liquify yourselves.
    Freelance Police with a Tale to Tell.

    [Bunch of unintelligible yelling]

    You can try this at home! And you can end up in jail!
    You can burn down city blocks, never be handed a bill!
    You can do what I do! You can eat hand grenades
    and teleport right out of the room! ("Ooooooh!")
    You can lie and cheat and kill and steal candy from little girls
    and end up elected the new leader of the free world.
    You can shoot forever, no need for ammunition.
    You can drive around and never find a street that's endin'.
    You can charge for tickets without even flashin' a badge
    and make ludicrous charges for hazards that would've not happened
    without a couple of shots fired on your behalf.
    No law maker can stop what can't be contained
    unless that law maker is I and I cheat at the game
    while exposed indecently; no need to cover up
    unless we're jumpin' through the reels, man, gimme a tux.
    Mayhaps a mustache for Sam, the wonder mutt.
    Now wonder what's next comin' down the pipe.
    Wonder if maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.
    If not, I got some wrongs to right
    as well as cable and a plunger for the dynamite,
    so go ahead and try to act as if you didn't know.
    No need for Agent Q, I get my weapons hand crafted by Bosco
    so I know that you'd never try and shoot me back
    'cause I'd get half rabid and have to counterattack.
    I've tried dying; took a trip below,
    found I'm honored in bronze where all my victims go,
    but oh well - feared on Earth and gloryfound in hell.
    We are the Freelance Police with a Tale to Tell.

    [More unintelligible yelling ending with "It's 100% commercial free!"]


    Should you want to guess at what I was yelling out at the end, your guess is as good as mine on some of it. But here's a YouTube vid that might make it easier to hear it - I uploaded the separate "Oooooohs" I recorded for fun for a friend of mine and threw just the yelling at the end of it.
  • lattsam;435064 said:
    I am so using that as the theme music for my abridged series!
    Now that you've discovered it, it's almost like you have to! I would :)
    mDt;435070 said:
    I don't have the lyrics typed in on my computer just yet, but I'll look into doing that tonight when I get off of work.
    Yes! So awesome...

    Ooh! There are the lyrics! Can I guess something? The first 2 stanzas are Sam's and the 3rd is Max's! Am I right?
    No clue as to what you were yelling....
    I got; "OMG!!!! This is so awesome!!!! So crazy...!" :confused: The rest I'm not so sure :)
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    The first two portions are moreso one verse split up, but yeah - Sam, then Max. And the only thing I really remember yelling was "So much hotness going down", and "They runnin' over all kinds of crazy people."
  • ... I'm actually in Norway, right now. We went on a cool, but INCREDIBLY freezing and hellish dog sledding tour. My hands and feet are frozen, I'm tired, and I'm kinda homesick.

    But this cheered me right the hell up. I don't think I've had such a fangasm since... ever. So, thank you for making this, you are awesome, and for the love of God, continue. :D
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