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Favorite Character in Poker Night

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Of the current cast, which is your favorite?
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  • Torn between Max and Tycho, but in the end, I have to say Tycho. I like Heavy as well but not as much as Tycho. The interaction between Heavy and Tycho as well as Max and Tycho is gold in my opinion. It might also be the fact that for the most part, anything Tycho says somehow manages to creep out Max which is also hilarious.

    Strong Bad wasn't my favorite to begin with or that funny. Except for maybe two lines, but aside from that, he was just... kinda there.
  • I got the game for Heavy and Max mainly, but everything Max says make me smile or laugh even if he just says "fold"
  • Max's line that cracks me up everytime is when he grabs his face, gasps loudly, and then says okay, I fold.
  • SB tries a bit too hard, Tycho is manipulative so that leaves the lagomorph and the hat loving Russian.

    Heavy is usually nice to play with except when telling you to cry some more and being a bad sport, and Max has that 'sceptre' line which can really get on one's nerves. Hmm... I pick Max, because he gives 2 items when beaten.
  • Strong bad is the best! Just ask his Fun Machine!
  • Tycho, he's hilarious, cruel, calculating, plus this is the first game where he gets real dialog. So yeah tycho has an awesome personality so he's probably my favorite.
  • As awesome as Tycho is, he's at once a manipulative *** and a coward(folds more than an origami artist as I've said before), Max is just fun to watch. From his crazy facial expressions, such as his "Cheeeeeck" face, to his chewing on the poker chip, to threatening to shoot his cards, to chewing on a banister as he wanders the Inventory after losing, Max is just endearing. Strong Bad is too crazy to get a read on, and the Heavy frightens me. "Is blood EVERYWHERE! Is this not the funniest thing?!" Even Max was freaked out by THAT story. :p
  • Even Max was freaked out by THAT story. :p

    Max DOES freak out more than I'd ever imagine in this game. He's crazy, yes, but it's not easy even for HIM to sit on a table with so many people set the limits of crazyness.

    I like Tycho more and more when I get to hear new lines from him. I love how he makes so many actual references just to say he's folding or something. He's like an intellectual and less enthusiastic Max, which is great.

    I hate Strong Bad I hate Strong Bad I hate Strong Bad I hate Strong Bad. I flip him off whenever I get to kick his sorry round ass off of the table.
  • manipulative *** and a coward(folds more than an origami artist as I've said before)
    Actually, folding a lot is just smart poker. Provided that you're not actually folding your good hands.

    I wouldn't exactly call Tycho's AI "smart", but at least it's not dumb for that reason...
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I wasn't aware of any Team Fortress 2 characters before the game since I'm not a big FPS fan and I don't like multi-player only games, but surprisingly I find The Heavy the funniest and most interesting of the four. :eek:

    Of course his funniest jokes come from the other characters setting up the punchline for him, which is the case for most of the jokes in the game. The humor wouldn't be the same without the other three characters too. :D
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