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For those wondering why season 2 & 3 had 5 episodes and not 6...

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You could just say Culture Shock was the pilot episode :D
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  • Or the glaringly obvious:

    5 games instead of 6 ensures higher quality of games.
    Plus going 5 games makes over arching story easier as you simply use a very straight forward 5 act structure with each episode being 1 act.
    Where as with 6 you have to some how skew a 5 act structure over 6 segments OR do a very long winded 3 act structure that just doesnt work as its too long.
  • The five episode structure is good, but they should make another six episode season at some point to changes things up a little.
  • Heck the 5th episode of season 3 did seem tacked on. I mean 1-4 was the mystery of maxs powers and those who want to abuse them, leading up to one of his powers gaining power to destroy the world with max being the only one to save him with his true powers. Then episode 5 is about saving a mixture between Max and godzilla.
  • I assumed that it was because it'd be cheaper for the fans to buy five episodes instead of six. But the first two seasons are being sold for the same price, so I'm guessing that's a "no".
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