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How do I canceled order?

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D'oh! I accidentally Ordered an extra DVD.

I recieved my Devil's Playhouse game through a complicated system. My dad ordered it and sent it to me as a gift and I paid him back for it. I hadn't recived my DVD, so I figured he accidentally ordered it without the DVD. I ordered the free one that came with ownership of the season, and I received the DVD shortly after.

Today I got an email saying that my DVD order has shipped. I want to cancel my second order so I won't be stuck with two of the same DVD. So, how do I cancel it? Or am I stuck with the second Disc?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    It's always possible that the e-mail got somehow delayed.
    Did you get an invoice with the DVD you received?
    Since the DVD you received arrived after you placed the order, is it possible that it's the one you ordered (in other words, did the invoice number match your order, or did it match your dad's)?
    If a duplicate DVD got shipped to you, two solutions (it's obviously too late to cancel the shipment at this time):

    - refuse delivery and the package will be sent back to Telltale (I doubt that the shipping costs will be paid back since it's not their mistake).

    - accept delivery and frame the DVD for posterity (or do whatever you want with it).
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