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Has "becoming" human changed what it means to be Homo Sapien?

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May it be, that if we have created the concept(s) of experience and based experience(s) as subjective reality(s), then may we now believe that what it means to be human is as a validation for what it means to exist as a Homo Sapien?

May things be validated simply because they exist? May having become human changed what it means to actually exist. May it be possible to create a sense of self without the possible miscalculations of "human" error? May their be a purer sense , less subjective sense, of self to discover? May their be a different path than we could have taken? What connects us so strongly to our ancestors? May their have been other ways to survive. May their have been other ways to exist? May their have been a more pure form of self to manifest onto this world?

May one culture be closer to self than another?
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