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Midwest Setting

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I was just wondering how familiar non-Usonian (I didn't say Americans, are you happy Ginny? :p) types are with the setting of Puzzle Agent? For example, how many of you have seen the Coen brothers films? What do you think of when you hear the term "Midwest"? Do you think of a place in the States? Do you know where the Midwest is? I'm just curious to hear a "foreign" take on the setting, and the images it conjures up.
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  • Lena_P;333243 said:
    Funnel cakes.
    I just realized I have cake in the fridge.

    *Mysteriously disappears*
  • thesporkman;331700 said:
    You can tell what part of the country you're in by whether Dr Pepper is bottled by Coca Cola or by Pepsi. Here in Nebraska and in a few surrounding states, Dr Pepper is bottled by Coke. In other parts of the country it's bottled by Pepsi.
    Odd... Where I'm from, it's bottled by the 'Dr. Pepper 7Up Bottling Co.' if I recall correctly.

    I'm in California. :p

    Oh, and yes, Coca Cola originally had cocaine in it. Back when it first came out, cocaine wasn't illegal, and it was used essentially as a treatment for everything, from baldness to stomach cramps. Now they use extract from spent coca leaves. Which basically means 'the cocaine's already been taken out, nothing to see here!'

    Thing is, you can't completely purge all the cocaine. So there's a very miniscule, almost undetectable trace of cocaine in Coke.

    You'd have to drink a swimming pool of it to get high.
  • Yadda;337594 said:
    You'd have to drink a swimming pool of it to get high.
    Regular size, or Olympic size?
  • I dunno how much you'd actually need to drink - I just said swimming pool to make a point that you'd die from a distended everything and burst like an overstretched balloon before you even got close to getting close to getting close. :p
  • Beat the game! Some thoughts:

    - The use of snowmobiles all the time seemed excessive at first, but Nelson needs to go to some out-of-the-way areas to fulfill his quest, and it helps establish the otherworldly nature of Scoggins in particular in a subtle way.
    - Could've used more references to Native Americans, but Annable's art style doesn't lend itself to depicting specific racial characteristics (and besides, the game is set in a Nordic town with heavy themes of Icelandic folklore), so I'm willing to give it a pass.
    - Ice fishing, however, is incredibly common! Love that there's a puzzle that takes place in an icehouse, in particular -- and that they didn't have to establish how deadly icewater can be.
    - Accents and dialect choices are spot-on. Seriously, I'm amazed at how well they nailed the Minnesotan dialect in varying degrees of subtlety. The sheriff, innkeeper, and at least one of the two bug-boxers are really good examples of this.
    - Cracked up at sightings of "hotdish" and "lutefisk". (the former is appetizing; the latter I wouldn't feed to my pets)
    - Scoggins Pioneer. Town name aside, this is literally the name of our local paper.

    LOBST'S AUTHENTICITY RATING: A++ (WARRIOR OF AUTHENTICITY) (would've had a shot at a third + if they'd have put me in it (seriously telltale call me))
  • Coca-Cola did once contain an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine per glass, but in 1903 it was removed.
  • Lena_P;329599 said:
    and they would crumble potato chips onto the tops of their casseroles.
    Hot Dish (:

    Yes, this is one of the things that said "Oh yeah, Minnesota" to me.
  • Lena_P;329528 said:
    And Stephen King is from New England, which is like the Midwest, I guess, only it has access to the ocean. So ... lobsters and crab rather than trout.
    As a former resident of New England I take great umbrage with that assumption, ma'am!
  • I grew up in a small town similar to scroggins in mn, have traveled to every state in the country, lived in California (over rated), Iowa, and currently live in the Twin cities in Minnesota.

    Minnesota is great. We have clean air, good economy, good schools, low crime, the highest civic engagement and volunteer rates in the country. The lowest prison rate. And the most fortune 500 companies per capita in the nation.

    Minneapolis is considered to have one of the most vibrant music and art scenes. And one of the best park systems in the nation.

    Sure we have some problems (no place is perfect) but over all a pretty darn good place.

    If you ever come to visit please don't just go to the mall of america, make a point to see more of our beautiful state.

    Gotta embrace the snow, once you do you'll never want to live without it.
  • genomad;435926 said:
    Sure we have some problems (no place is perfect) but over all a pretty darn good place.
    Are the little red gnomes a major problem up there?
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