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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • StarEye;436420 said:
    Drastic as in actually have any impact on further games. Irrelevant npc characters doesn't qualify for having any impact whatsover for future games, and nothing in ToMI has even hinted that the next Monkey Island game would stop running in circles. EMI, CMI and ToMI have all had an "everything back to normal" ending. MI1 and 2 did not. I don't want everything to be back to normal.
    I didn't feel that ToMI had an "everything back to normal" ending, with the Voodoo Lady being an evil mastermind and everything...
  • Well, it hasn't had any impact yet. If Elaine for example had died, the impact would be clear. There would be no Elaine in the next episode, and there would be one less re-used plot element in the next game.

    Besides, the Voodoo lady thing could just as well be Telltale messing with out minds. We all remember the last time that happened in a Monkey Island game.

    DAISHI: bad storytelling? What was wrong with MI1 and 2's storytelling? It was (more or less) HIS story, and Monkey Island was his idea and brainchild, what could possibly go wrong with him having a major part in how the next Monkey Island game would be?
  • That sounds great and all but when it's a licensed property they can only do so much really. The way I understand it LucasArts have the final say what can or cannot happen in a Monkey Island game because it's their property.
  • I know. I'm just wishing out loud. Not that I want Elaine to die or something, I'd just want that love-triangle plot-element to die out, as it's been done enough already. I don't think LeChuck is particularly fearsome as a love-sick puppy who can't take no for an answer.

    I wonder though, if Telltale gets their chance at a second season, where they will take the story from here. But unfortunately, if they don't get a second chance, will we have another game in the series where a plot element is badly explained and then forgotten? Will those who oppose Ron Gilbert getting his hands on Monkey Island again then complaint about how they never got to find out what Telltale's Season 2 would be like?

    This could actually be like MI2-CMI all over again. Telltale started something that could potentially become a very big plot-element in the next game, but if they don't get to make it, whoever will could just as well leave us wondering. Again.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if a hypothetical TOIMI2 did not have LeChuck as the primary antagonist, just on the basis of the difficultly in getting a voice artist.
  • That would make things a little different at least.
  • I actually don't want to see LeChuck until the very end of a seventh Monkey Island game. I love LeChuck as a character, but things will get far too repetitive if he continues to be thrown back into his regular role time and time again. It's time to introduce a new villain.
  • I've always preferred the mystical villain - the kind that you really don't get to meet/see until the very end or at least late in the story. It makes me respect the character more, if you only hear the (exaggerated) stories of his evil doings. Secret of Monkey Island was kinda like that (you got to see cutscenes of him, but you never actually meet him face to face until the very end). MI2 as well, had that kind of feeling.

    I think the relationship between Guybrush and Elaine, and LeChuck has become a bit too close. We know LeChuck too well for him to really be threatening. Sure, he's an enemy, but once you know your enemies, they become much less of a threat. LeChuck doesn't have that air of mystery or evilness around him anymore. He's just another bully.

    I know it's a children/young adult's book series, but look at Harry Potter how to create a villain that have that air of mystery about him. If not Voldemort in Harry Potter, look at how well Sephiroth or Jenova in Final Fantasy VII is used. Very rare appearence, you only hear rumours and stories of them. The villain needs to have the upper hand 99% of the game for him to feel threatening. He needs to seem out of reach. Yes, even in a point'n'click adventure. It needs to feel like there's one hell of a journey to get to the point where you can stand face to face with the main villain without falling apart from the very sight of him, and even then you should be the underdog.

    Rise of the Pirate God was very good in this aspect. Everything felt desperately out of your control, and you really felt doomed. Kudos to Telltale for giving us some of that old no-bullshit LeChuck back.

    I'd like to see Largo making a return. Largo is now on a quest to once again ressurect the evil LeChuck, only this time with a spell that let's him control him, so that LeChuck becomes Largo's right hand instead of vice versa. Of course something goes wrong, and LeChuck kills Largo in the end, and the only thing on his mind after that is to kill Guybrush AND Elaine, because he's given up on having her by his side. If LeChuck can't have her, nobody should, so he goes after both Guybrush and Elaine in the final part of the game, where you can switch between the characters to solve the final puzzle that stops LeChuck again.

    Well, something like that. I'm just thinking out loud... kinda.
  • Kalanac;434950 said:
    Are there any plans for any further games in the Monkey Island Franchise by anyone?
    No such plans have been announced by anyone. LucasArts has changed presidents and restructured again, with the current president apparently focusing on other things, so we haven't seen what their current stance is on adventure games, but it is much less promising than it was last year. I think we'll probably have to wait until the next presidential roulette to see any news on the Monkey Island series, but I'd be happy to be wrong.

    And the question of whether or not Tales "counts as MI5" is a separate (and largely irrelevant) issue.
  • My fear is that the new pres will say something like "Yes the MI games were in fact profitable.. but we can take that same resources and crap out another star wars shooter and make twice or three times the money for the effort."
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