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Which games to play first

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I just bought the Holiday Pack that contains all 3 Sam and Max games. Do you suggest I play the old (non-telltale) games prior to playing these or should I go look for the old games and play those before jumping in to the telltale games?
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  • you can start with season one, just remember to play hit the road, it's a great game too!
  • I started with Season 3, and I didn't realise how many references I was missing until I went back and beat the first two seasons.

    So yeah, definitely recommend playing them in order.
  • you have to play season 2 to understand the ending of the city that dares not sleep
  • The first one gets pretty ridiculous, and honestly most of the later puzzles didn't make any sense to me without a walkthrough. This was back in the days when 99% of an adventure company's revenue was from overpriced calls to hint lines. Oh, yeah, it's FUNNY, definitely, but still not great as a game.
    The new games are generally more fun, I think.
  • It is true that the third season has a huge amount of references to the previous games that I didn't understand when I played it but I could kind of tell the difference between what was an honest reference and what was just a written isolated joke. I thought it was really well done, it got me interested without spoiling anything. Hell you don't even get to see Bosco in season 3 and hes one of my favorite parts of the first 2 seasons.
  • I didn't think the Hit the Road game had any logic, really. I've played a ton of games and that one always boggled me. Hell I knew I was in trouble when I figured out I was supposed to use Max to short circuit the fuse box in the Tunnel of Love... I would have never thought of using him that way.

    That said, I still enjoy the hell out of it. But I needed hints aplenty.
  • Just start with Season One. Hit the Road and the comics aren't necessary at all. It's just not a good idea to skip ahead.

    As for thinking there were two games by Lucasarts, there were several attempts to make a sequel to 'Hit the Road', but when the final attempt was nearly complete, Lucasarts canceled the game for no good reason. The developers were then laid off, and they began a little company called Telltale Games. All this is referenced many times in the Telltale series. The more you know...
  • redm;435159 said:
    I played 3 first and altho I didn't understand all of the references, the game was great enough to get me interested in the other seasons
    The ending makes much more sense if you've played the fourth episode of season two first, "Chariots of the Dogs."

    Other than that, the only issue you might have is that certain characters - Momma Bosco, Superball, Harry, etc. -were introduced in earlier episodes, and probably wouldn't seem as random if you'd seen their official introductions into the series. Also, there's a joke or two about the Soda Poppers, who don't show up at all in this season but were characters in the other episodes. But it's really not a big deal.

    That sort of goes to everyone else who only played season three, since it seems to come up a lot on this forum.
  • begin with season one,season 3 also fatastic
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