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Who must be the main villain in a new Monkey Island game?

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Who do you think must be the main villain in a new Monkey Island game, and why?
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  • LeChuck must never truly go. Sure, there can be side villians, but LeChuck should always be the main one IMO.
  • Largo. But LeChuck will take over as soon as Largo resurrect him - against Largo's will, who will die by LeChuck's hands.
  • Maybe not main villain, but I'd like to see Guybrush himself as a villain on one episode (perhaps under the influx of the true main villain), and control Elaine to fight him (well, not FIGHT fight, but to spoil his plans)
  • jeeno0142;436765 said:
    LeChuck must never truly go. Sure, there can be side villians, but LeChuck should always be the main one IMO.
  • I would like to see a new villain personally... but somehow I have a feeling that if there will be a new villain, LeChuck will make like a Ganondorf and have a comeback as the main baddie regardless.
  • Monkey Island just would not be the same without LeChuck.
  • Irishmile;436921 said:
    Monkey Island just would not be the same without LeChuck.

    It wouldnt even be Monkey Island
  • Am I the only one who is open to having LeChuck be excluded completely? I personally don't want to see LeChuck for at least another whole game. He is already becoming stale; he does the same thing in every single game, he only tries to do it in a different way, and he eventually fails each time. The whole charade is becoming like a 'Looney Tunes' cartoon. Things are getting repetitive, formulaic and predictable, and it's because LeChuck keeps being dragged back into his regular place as the main villain. Here's what happens in each Monkey Island game:

    - LeChuck comes back from the dead.
    - LeChuck tries to take control over the Caribbean and force Elaine to marry him. This has happened in basically all of the games; the only bit of differentiation we had in this regard was in 'Revenge...', but even that followed the same formula to some degree.
    - Guybrush tries to stop LeChuck from doing so, but must overcome some sort of boundary or restriction. In 'Secret...', he was a hopeless rookie pirate who had to make it all the way to Monkey Island, in 'Curse...', it was LeChuck's child spell that he had to counteract, in 'Escape...', it was being stranded on Monkey Island and having to escape, and in 'Tales...', it was death.
    - Guybrush overcomes incredible odds in order to finally be able to face LeChuck.
    - A showdown between the two characters takes place, usually with LeChuck chasing after Guybrush.
    - Guybrush then foils LeChuck's master plan, and Elaine and Guybrush are back in each other's arms.

    Now, I don't actually blame the writers for this repetition; I actually think that it's near impossible to steer the series in a different direction. Why? Because LeChuck is still being brought back (from the dead... literally) to fill his regular role. Because the character has, in a way, grown into a character that just is LeChuck, it has become difficult to mix things up story-wise when he's occupying such a major role. LeChuck has become almost as much as a real person than most video game characters - he has his own personality, his own characteristics, intentions, aspirations, mannerisms, etc. The character is LeChuck; all of his characteristics are simply ingrained in the character, and cannot be changed. LeChuck keeps trying to fulfill the same goals, and that's because it's simply what is expected from the character, just as you world expect a real person to do a particular thing under a particular circumstance (gosh, I hope I'm making sense here). So, since it's just in LeChuck's nature to continue pursuing the same goal, and since that same goal becomes the main plot element in every Monkey Island game, it just causes things to become repetitive.

    Yes, the writers of the series have done a wonderful job of mixing things up, and have done well to dress up each game in order to disguise it as a new story, but once you actually strip away everything to the bare essentials of each game, you've got the very same plotline. And that's because LeChuck is still in that very same role - main villain. Do you see what I'm getting at here? The character of LeChuck must go. Mixing things up with the character in the story is too difficult, keeping things the same with the LeChuck in the story will only lead to more of the same, so the only option is to get rid of him. Or at least relegate him to a minor role, but I don't see how this could work either; LeChuck would either rise to be the main villain by the end anyway, or things would seem out-of-place.

    Now, I love the character of LeChuck, but things are bordering upon ridiculous when you look at the sameness of each game's main plot. And as great as LeChuck is as a villain, there's no reason why the writers can't think up a new villain who's just as cool. I mean, Telltale were able to come up with Morgan LeFlay, who many would consider cooler than Carla, and who some think would be a better leading lady than Elaine. This shows that new characters aren't necessarily a bad thing; in fact, they're a very good thing. So why are people so afraid of change? Why aren't people open to having new characters replace old characters from time to time? 'Sam & Max' has never had the same main villain from game-to-game (even episode-to-episode, when I think about it), and it's good! It provides variety and juxtaposition, and eliminates repetition and prevents the series from becoming stale. It's time for MI to do the same.

    I can talk more on this, but this post is long enough as it is.
  • Irishmile;436921 said:
    Monkey Island just would not be the same without LeChuck.
    Precisely; 'Monkey Island' would be slightly different, for once, and it would be a good thing.
    coolsome;436923 said:
    It wouldnt even be Monkey Island
    I disagree; 'Monkey Island' wouldn't be 'Monkey Island' without Guybrush. If LeChuck were to be excluded, there would just be a bit of differentiation.
  • I'm not a fan of the 'Guybrush is Evil, Play as Elaine' thing people want.

    It'd be neat if say, LeChuck hypnotised Guybrush into being a bad guy, and we as the player are what's left of Real Guybrush, and have to do things that seem evil but are actually attempts to regain control and stop LeChuck.
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