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Who must be the main villain in a new Monkey Island game?

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Who do you think must be the main villain in a new Monkey Island game, and why?
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  • StLouisRibs;436926 said:
    [...]and have to do things that seem evil but are actually attempts to regain control and stop LeChuck.
    What, so things like thievery, trespassing, witchcraft, grave-robbery? No, that's just not like Guybrush.
  • Hayden;436925 said:

    I disagree; 'Monkey Island' wouldn't be 'Monkey Island' without Guybrush. If LeChuck were to be excluded, there would just be a bit of differentiation.

    I think Monkey Island has not be about Guybrush battling LeChuck its one of the only constants in the series. In 2 there was no monkey island (till retcon) and LeChuck wasnt intrested in Elane only in hurting Guybrush.
  • Hello. My name is LeChuck. I can shapeshift into pretty much whatever the %$^@ I want. Like the Voodoo Lady?
  • I don't want LeChuck. After becoming stale and bland in CMI and EMI (in MI2 at least LeChuck was obsessed with Guybrush rather than Elaine, and proved to be quite an adversary), LeChuck thanks to TellTale went out with a wonderful bang in ToMI. If he is to be the main villain again... well, he will become stale and bland again.

    Besides, what will be LeChuck's goal? Revenge on Guybrush? Marry Elaine? Domination over the Caribbean? Boooooooriiiiiiing. Besides, he completed every one of these in ToMI (albeit not for a very long period, but still). That's why developers must not always listen to the fans (and fan service is not always a good thing). 'Monkey Island is not Monkey Island without *something* (in this case LeChuck)'. So they put LeChuck in every game. The result? LeChuck is an incompetent repetitive bland comic villain in half of them (by the way, Ozzie in EMI would've worked a lot better without LeChuck). They put Monkey Island in CMI and EMI (and retcon MI2) because, well, 'How can Monkey Island game be a Monkey Island game without Monkey Island'? The result? Worst game sections in both of them. I can go on. The point is... we don't need LeChuck. Sure, we like him (well... I like him in MI2 and ToMI), sure, he's one of the biggest MI symbols, but he needs to retire. AT LEAST for a while (at least one game, though I wouldn't mind 2-3 before we can rest from him and he can return for one reason or another, with another, hopefully, bang). But I wouldn't mind not seeing LeChuck at all again.

    Regarding the next villain... New one. Please. Or, if to reuse any of the established characters, Ghost Pirate Hunter Morgan LeFlay might prove to be a worthy adversary (not to mention having her as the main villain will increase the drama).
  • Farlander;436958 said:
    [whole comment]
    Seconded. Strongly. Thank you.
  • Largo, but with the Vodoo Lady's plans for the Essence of LeChuck as an important factor. Perhaps in the final chapter, Largo and Guybrush join forces against her?
  • I agree with almost everything Hayden and Farlander just said.

    ToMI's ending indicates that LeChuck won't be a main villain the first time, even if he's going to be a villain, resurrected by Voodoo Lady -her plans might be different than simply resurrecting LeChuck though.

    I support Voodoo Lady as the main antagonist for a change (or someone new with superior voodoo skills). I don't really want to see LeChuck being totally absent in a MI game, but him as an ally against the main antagonist wouldn't be that bad. It wouldn't be a new thing, I know, apart from its clichéness it's also done in ToMI, but in that game LeChuck was plotting something bigger whereas in this game LeChuck's only goal might only be survival and the only way to obtain it is to fully trust and ally Guybrush.
  • Personally, I can't see the Voodoo Lady being evil. She may have a lot to do with the constant battle between Guybrush and LeChuck, but I have a feelings here intentions would be pure. Something about keeping a balance of things or something. I'd love to know which parts of the story in ToMI were Ron's idea, and wether he managed to sneak in a couple of elements to lead the developers of the next game on the right track. If the Voodoo lady thing was his idea, I wouldn't be surprised if this would have happened in Ron's MI3.

    Of course, Ron loved to mess with people's heads (as shown in the ending of MI2), so the Voodoo Lady could very well have been the main villain all the time, surprising both Guybrush and LeChuck in his final game with her ingenius plan to merge future and past into one bubble within the Bermuda triangle, hence a slow trickle of modern devices into the pirate world.
  • Falanca;436971 said:
    I support Voodoo Lady as the main antagonist for a change (or someone new with superior voodoo skills).
    While I'm not against the idea of the Voodoo Lady being the main villain/antagonist, I would prefer it if she weren't evil. I, myself, think of the Voodoo Lady as neither good nor evil; but somewhere in between. I've always had the idea that she doesn't belong to one side, but instead has her own agenda and is sort of ignorant to the whole idea of good & evil.

    Another theory I have for her is that she does not hope for either good nor evil to prevail, but rather believes in a balance of the two, and perhaps works to maintain that balance through her powers. This is more of just a simple idea rather than a theory.

    But that's just how I've always thought of her, so I'm not sure if I'd like her to be depicted as directly 'evil'.

    We had a good discussion regarding this over at the WorldofMI forums.

    Edit: Hah! Seems I'm not the only one with the 'balance' theory ^.
  • That is why I tried to use the term "antagonist" (someone opposing the protagonist) rather than "villain" or "evil". The balance requires reliving a chain of events over and over and this is a problem for Guybrush and LeChuck so they have to stop it, but a great force of Voodoo opposing them to maintain a cosmic balance of some sort. This does not make this force evil, but a worthy antagonist in the end.
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