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Team Fortress 2 and You

posted by NickTTG Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users
I'm curious, how many people in our forums own a copy of TF2, or are planning to make a purchase of the ever popular Orange Box from Valve?

Because in Telltale San Rafael Branch, there has been a lot of recent playage of TF2. And we are looking to open up a server for the TTG team and forum members, so i was just curious to see how many people would actually give a hoot. Holla back at me yo!
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  • Isn't Portal based on the original Source engine? (as opposed to the beefed up Source in E1, E2, and TF2) It seemed that way from the videos I saw, and you'd think a 3 y/o PC could pull off old Source without many issues. :S
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    ... no its using the "new" Source engine. It's got realtime motion blur and the dynamic light exposure stuff, all the other crazy doodads. It's still the Source engine, though, which is pretty scalable.
  • Oh, I must have seen some old videos, then. (or they just didn't feature the newness)

    You're definitely right about the scalability. Even though it's no longer impressive visually (for the most part, that is. It still can be quite prettiful at times.), it's amazing what it can do on lesser PCs.

    And from a modder's POV... godlike.

    Wait... what were we talking about again? (Sorry, Source is the new Build engine in my eyes, I can't help but rave about it :P)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    source is no longer impressive visually in general? or do you mean it's just not nice looking on older PCs?

    because if you meant the first thing, you would be mistaken.
  • Ill never get anything as long as steam backs it :P kiss my arse steam !!! sorry.. never liked any of the games made with source that were FPS.
  • I do mean in general, but only because I'm too observant for my own good. The second a polygon overlaps, or a texture repeats too often, I notice it and end up focusing on it. Like the wall textures in HL2: Surprisingly low-res compared to everything else in the game. Blame my analytical personality :P

    Plus, I've been spoiled by stuff like BioShock and Crysis.

    (Disclaimer: I'm not one of those that actually judges a game based on graphics. HL2 is one of my favorite post-2000 shooters. I just tend to notice tiny things like that.)
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    I built my computer to be a mid-level HL2 box for the first release in 2004 and it did alright. I just managed to lower a few settings such that the latest releases won't crash, and Portal is currently rocking my face.
    Ill never get anything as long as steam backs it :P kiss my arse steam !!! sorry.. never liked any of the games made with source that were FPS.
    That's a fun way to close yourself off from all the non-Source content delivery offered by Steam!
  • *sigh*

    I miss TF2 and Portal. My PC at home died, so I'm working on my G4 iBook until Apple updates the Mac Pro with (hopefully) a better video card. I may go play some Portal at work later today.
  • yea I should have been more specific! I do hate the steam system etc.. as for the non source games I dont need steam for most of em.. darwinia is a great example.. dont need steam to play that.. it was freeware until they got ahold of it.
    I have to admit my wording was off but yes.. I do like some of the games offered.. :P Thanks for pointing that out XD.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Darwinia was freeware? Do you mean shareware? I believe it had a demo, and then you paid to unlock the rest. Darwinia is still available off-Steam, direct from the developer, as is Defcon, their newest game.

    That said, with the Steam versions, if you ever get a new PC you can just log into Steam and re-download full authorized versions with one click. That's pretty hardcore.
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