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I have "screwed up", missed work again..

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You can only apologize for so long, the thing about a apology is that you most likely don't know the entire story, your words are often flat, shallow, you may have no idea what others went through for you, because of you.
It may mostly be from your perspective.

Eventually your apologies may run flat ,and people may become offended , and they may no longer desire, attempt, to see things from your side. This may be because they feel the need to protect their selves against what could be considered manipulation, and what may be considered your unpredictability. Life does not work on occasion with the stance of unpredictability, especially when the occasion is that you are a manager. People may need perspective and with a wild card in the deck, they may not be able to put things into perspective. A manager may need perspective/ hind sight...

So, what may I say if my hand is up? Who knows, do I even know? Who would you be to tell me what to think, know? Who would the manager be?
What's the real answer? Is there one? I may be considered a tedious calculation , which has no clear answer...where business suggests that I be removed.

I can say I'm sorry a million times, but does it have weight? Do I really mean it? Do I really know the implications behind what I apologizing for (to)?


Work at a grocery store, part time. (For college) Comment on my story, or your own. Thread is about screwing up work.I recall being late one other day, and missing a day without taking fault for it because of a scheduling conflict.
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