Sam and Max Fan Comic + Photo Manip

Just some things I've done in the past with Sam and Max. Not my best work, but, well, page 2 was alright. I thought the dialogue I wrote was good though. Big fan. Have the comics. And a fairly twisted mind.




Fore more of my work:


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    Hahahaha, I love them :D
    Do you do these often?
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    GeorgeC wrote: »
    Hahahaha, I love them :D
    Do you do these often?

    Whenever I feel like it. I have one Sam and Max comic sitting in my sketch book that I don't know if it'll see the light of day or not. And I wrote a script for about 4 pages for someone who wanted to put Sam and Max into their webcomic AGENCY (the above I did first in order to spoof her web-fan-comic of sorts - she loved them so much she had to cameo Sam and Max). I really feel the 4-page cameo in her comic is some of the best Sam and Max I've ever written, but unfortunately her comic is on hiatus so I don't know when she'll draw those pages.

    I do have a comedic webcomic, although my characters don't speak in the awesomely hilarious way Sam and Max do. You can check for new work below:
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    Here's the script I wrote for the Sam and Max cameo in AGENCY web-fan-comic by JediAnnSolo:


    Sam and Max are seen in a mortuary. Sam is licking on an ice cream bar on a popsicle stick. It’s vanilla with a hard chocolate coating exterior. There’s a single bite taken out of it, revealing the white inner layer of vanilla. Max (the small nude rabbit with a huge head and shark teeth) is poking at a dead body with a stick. The dead body is a very large naked anthropomorphic land shark covered partly by a sheet (or whatever you want. I wrote this setting description just for me to picture the scene, really).

    Sam: “Stop that, Max! Last time it took us forever to get the stick back out.”

    Max: “Aw, Sam, you’re no fun! I’m just checking to make sure our plus-sized cartilage-filled friend is really dead!”

    Sam: “Okay, just a little, but you have to stop if it breaks the skin. Or evil-smelling stuff starts oozing out. Whichever happens first.”

    He pokes the body again and *squish!* Max’s eyes get big and his mouth is shaped like an “o.”

    Max (returns to his happy shark smile): “Tee Hee!”
    He says this while throwing the stick behind him. It possibly hits someone.

    Sam: “Stop fooling around, Max. The Commissioner sent us down to examine and identify the stiff.”

    Max: “Well, he’s dead. And ugly.”

    The two look down at the body silently. Sam’s ice cream bar’s vanilla center is melting down the side of his hand.

    Max: “…And buck-naked, woo hoo!” Max throws his arms into the air. THIS LINE CAN BE CUT FOR SPACE RESTRAINTS.

    Sam: “Yep.” Sam takes a lick at his ice cream bar.
    Then he realizes something.

    Sam: “Great Mother of God doing backstrokes in butterscotch pudding during a hail storm!”
    (or “Holy Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s held up by an over-sized marshmallow man during the Jewish Passover!”)

    Sam: “He’s a shark, Max! And that’s what makes me a little suspicious. As all anthropologists know, Carcharodon carcharias doesn’t usually comingle about on dry earth with the locals. Plus, listen to this; this brackish gargantuan of ours has two land legs!”

    Max: “And your point is…?”

    Sam: “Sharks don’t normally have legs, melon head! Sure, Big Foot exists just as surely as love and generosity and devotion, but land sharks are up there with magical horned ponies and decent politicians. Maybe the reason why there are no records to identify the corpse is because he shouldn’t even exist!”

    While Sam is speaking Max waves hi to the mortuary employees. All of which being are walking Land Sharks.

    Max: “It’s almost as if some shady ne’er-do-well crime organization didn’t want us to identify our perp, Sam!”

    Sam: “You crack me up, little buddy! This is obviously our feeble minds playing parlor tricks on our naive yet sharpened psyche, causing us to see imponderables! You know the Mayor would never let those kinds of unsavory, greasy horrors into this city ever again. He barely tolerates us!”

    Max (pulls a large Luger pistol out from nowhere): “Yeah, I know… It makes my mouth froth with envy of all of those other criminal cesspools too greedy to share their horrors! Let’s go pummel the Bureaucracy insensible, Sam!”

    Sam: “Normally I frown on that sort of activity, Max! But business has been slower than the metabolic rate of a yard stick lately.”

    Sam: “Well, I guess that’s all we can do. Come on, Max, do you remember where we parked the Desoto?”

    Max: “I don’t know, Sam, I couldn’t see over the steering wheel!”

    Sam: “That’s okay, we’ll follow the smell.”
    (Or “That’s okay. I think I can smell it.”)
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    On second thought, I take back what I said about this being my best piece of Sam and Max dialogue. I went through several drafts and there are some good little nuggets in these, but much of the dialogue is just take straight from the comic, game, or sketch book. Maybe I was trying to remain faithful to the material for readers that weren't familiar with the characters. Otherwise I guess I was having a hard time letting inspiration flow on some parts - other parts flowed freely, I felt. But reusing dialogue is awfully cheap.
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    it's not too bad. the comic looks nice. the humor is definitely there.

    nice work
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    nice quality pics.comic looks quite interesting.
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    Great work and nice quality too.
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    Concerning the script above I shared long ago, the cartoonist JediAnnSolo on her deviant art and drunk duck recently started bringing them to life in her webcomic AGENCY:


    More pages to come soon! Please comment on her Deviant Art or Drunk Duck webcomic if you like her art/my scripting :-)
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    Another page scripted by me (CartoonistWill / William Boyer) and artwork by JediAnnSolo / Annie. She added the "sweet catch" and the Rattata, both of which were not in my original script. :-)


    Oh, um... About the blood and stuff. I forgot. Is that a problem on the forums? Let me know, and this can be removed and I won't post anything like that again. Not sure about rules and terms of services of the Forum involving this. Need to go check. My apologies!

    But until I know, I decided the image will be in a link instead of displayed. So, viewer beware! It's not that bad, but don't want to get in trouble.
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    This is page 3 of Sam and Max's cameo in Annie/JediAnnSolo's webcomic AGENCY. The cameo pages are written by me whereas all other parts of AGENCY are written and illustrated by Annie/JediAnnSolo. To read AGENCY and see more of Annie's artwork follow these links:
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    This is page 4, the final page, of Sam and Max's cameo in Annie/JediAnnSolo's webcomic AGENCY. The cameo pages are written by me whereas all other parts of AGENCY are written and illustrated by Annie/JediAnnSolo. This page obviously contains dialogue from Steve Purcell's original comics (panel 6) and the last panel (7) was not written by me but by JediAnnSolo as a shout out to Sam and Max fans (as I don't really like to use anything more than "darn" or "dang" ;-) ). To read AGENCY and see more of Annie's artwork follow these links:
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    That was a lot of fun. Nice work!
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