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So bored...

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Picked up Back To The Future and already bored. New presentation, samey mechanics, samey humour (i.e. soothing but never bites).

For how much longer can Telltale flog this horse? Cos it's now dying.

Telltale desperately needs to offer at least one adult-orientated franchise i.e. rated 18+, and not hold back on the humour or gore, as the original Sam 'n Max did i.e. Lucasarts' one.

Sorry guys and girls, but Telltale is becoming a stale gig. And they need to start listening to some fans like myself even if we're not in the majority.
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  • Irishmile;439474 said:
    Seriously though if you do not like what TTG is doing you do not need to buy their games.... that is what I do ... I have no interest in the TTG CSI games so I have not bought them... but I do not go into the CSI boards and demand they add humorous pirates and dogs in suits because that is what I like... It is what it is... I am sorry its not to your taste.
    Yes, but my plain and simple observation is that Telltale are in great danger of shooting themselves in the foot. Back To The Future, while mildly entertaining, illuminates this danger.
  • No I see your point I really do... BTTF was very much a typical TTG game... but I like TTG and I do not see why they need to change ... that is my point... They make the games they want to make... and they make the games most of us here want them to make....

    the point that you have not shown me is why on earth do they need to make their games more like the games you mentioned just because that is what mainstream gamers like?

    For instance when a musician decides to change format and start sounding like other mainstream musicians that is called selling out.... See what I am saying.

    BTW I am not trying to tease you or be a jerk... BUT I will defend my opinion. I have a right to it and so do you..

    Its ok for you not to like the games... but its not ok to say its wrong for us to like it. That is the message you are putting forth when you say stuff like this
    manicm;439456 said:
    For how much longer can Telltale flog this horse? Cos it's now dying.
  • I do not percieve myself that Irishmile meant to be a jerk. I believe myself as of late to try to distinquish from what are considered ideas to opinions. I believe myself to have a effort to not argue opinions.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion(s) manicm.
    I think those involved here might of had a certain surface level of feelings involved that may have influenced the chat. I believe Irishmile is a pretty big TTG fan.


    If I recall correctly as I believe I do, Sam and Max had zombies in it, brain's hanging out, that sort of thing in a few of it's games, Ice Station Santa, they had if I remember correctly demonic themes.
  • First off, generally I don't see the age range Telltale's trying to hit to be an issue. If you think Hit the Road's writing and tone could be considered "Mature" then I don't particularly see how you wouldn't see any of TTG's Sam and Maxes to be "Immature". So I think you're off on that.

    Regardless, I do think TTG's gone a bit stale and boring, honestly. Puzzle Agent, while not perfect by most means, I think was a great direction for Telltale to sorta dip their toes into different means of storytelling and gameplay and I hope that they'll expand on that. They don't need to stop making adventure games, they just need to be new and innovative about it. Which can be difficult, I can understand, but the company is full of bright individuals. I think they can do it.
  • manicm;439475 said:
    Yes, well, it didn't have explicit language and had *slight* and *occasional* gore if you remember playing it.

    My point is Telltale would not have probably published the game in that form if it were released today - and that's a shame.
    I don't get this. Explicit language? Worst I remember hearing were hell, ass, and damn, all of which are still said in Telltale's game. There was the tool bending guy that would say fuck, but it was censored. Same thing happens in Telltale's games. Remember Tiny Timmy?

    As for gore... what? Where was there gore in Hit the Road? I remember a blood stain on Sam & Max's street, but that's as close as it gets. Does Telltale need to put a blood stain on the street for their games to be good?

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that Telltale needs to freshen up their gameplay. But why do you want them to make their games more adult-oriented when they don't need to be?
  • Opinions. Opinions everywhere.

    I kinda get the point your making. If someone asked me why do I like the BTTF game, my answer would be because it's Telltale! At first that might sound like me being a fangirl, but it's not. I just like all of what Telltale has done with their games.
    If Telltale went into a different direction would I be pissed? Sure. A little. But there's probably more of those out there who would prefer a change then those who would not. Who am I to say which direction a gaming company goes in?
  • The only thing that kind of annoys me with Telltale is the lack of advancement.
    I think its mainly the engine. Sure I can clearly see the advantages of having the same engine, quicker, cheaper, and allows more focus on the story, the art, the characters and the music.
    However, I personally think the engine is starting to show its inflexibilities, and I think in a year or two Telltale are going to need to expand on that engine considerably.
    (I know they have already expanded on the engine over the time they have used it, but it seems to me that the changes are not that noticable, (I think that is due to the next point)).

    I think their game structure is starting to become a little stale.
    It seems almost always follow "the three trials" route, and theres no shock element that anymore.
    Its a bit of a drag when you actually begin to know when the episode is going to have a twist or another puzzle, or its going to end at this point.

    Don't think I'm hating on telltale, because thats certainly not true.
    I love TellTale. I consider them to be the main company that brought point and click adventure games back from obscurity, and their games always have a good consistency to them.
    But I hope Jurassic Park brings in some more action, some more drama, and maybe a teensy bit of horror.
    From what I've read of the Jurassic Park interview, it seems Telltale are drawing from games like Heavy Rain, and I'd argue thats a good thing! :D
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    "Gore and curses" - if you want TT's games spiced up, that's probably not the way to go. I really hope that wasn't the only thing that came to mind when "missing" something in a BTTF game?

    Creative storylines and creative puzzles/creative gameplay, that's what I'm after, not essentially the same game with more gore, curses and sex. This path leads nowhere but to cheap splatter shocks, ineffective obscenities and awkwardness. There are other gaming companies for that. They seldom get my money.

    And if the ENGINE is getting old, I can live with that. In fact, it's the update of the game engine that led to several disappointments in BTTF (game launcher bugs etc.).

    Of course, there is a certain, identifiable style to the games the engine produces, but I still think it's a rather individual one.
  • On the flip side, how do you do Jurassic Park without it?
  • Irishmile;439466 said:
    If I missed your point its because you didn't explain it clearly without sounding like a typical FPS fan meathead.
    manicm;439468 said:
    I play Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Myst, Starcraft and Monkey Island and this makes me a 'typical FPS fan meathead'? Well done, well done. Clap clap clap.

    As I said - typical response from a typical Telltale fan.
    Did you not realize what Irishmile was actually saying here? He said that you sounded like a typical FPS fan meathead because you didn't explain your point properly; he wasn't saying that you were one. Besides, you never mentioned that you'd played all of those games in your initial/introductory post, so how was he to know this? He was basing his statement off of what you've said, and what you've said is basically an insult with very little explanation.

    And quite frankly, you do sound like a bit of a meathead (from what you've posted here), and you seem to me to be just a typical troll. You post a thread focused purely around complaining about Telltale's style of game production, give very few legitimate reasons and explanations to back up what you're saying, and when somebody refutes your point (which is what you appear to have wanted in the first place), you feel that condescension is the best approach in your response. It's pretty low.

    If you're going to start up threads like this, then please go a little more in-depth and avoid straight-out insults to what you're criticizing, because it really just makes you look like a troll who's trying to stir up trouble. Also, quit rubbish like this...:
    Well done, well done. Clap clap clap.

    As I said - typical response from a typical Telltale fan.
    when you're replying to people.
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