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Vista Gadget - Countdown to Ice Station Santa

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Here is a little Vista gadget I made for people to use. It displays the days remaining until the release date of Ice Station Santa. Nothing special really. :)

Unzip the download and bung it in your %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets folder.

I did try using some Ice Station Santa images for it, but they looked really poor because I had to shrink them down to fit them onto something this size.


Sidenote to Emily/whoever - Yeah, you can ignore the email. I'll send something else soon. I realised that ISS would basically be out by the time it is over.
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  • Guybrush Threepwood;43906 said:
    It is counting down for the worldwide (Telltale's site) release date. :)

    Do you mean a sidebar gadget for Windows XP? Or just something you can put on your desktop?

    ...oh, and thanks everyone. :D
    I want one for windows XP
  • Windows xp doesn't have a sidebar or any sort of HTML-driven widget system.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yahoo Widgets! (aka Konfabulator)

    It's actually quite cool. Though I don't use it,* I prefer it in many ways to Dashboard and the Vista sidebar.

    * I don't use dashboard or the vista toolbar either, though, so go figure.
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    I just downloaded the Sudoku widget. Whee! :) It's fun.
  • Jake;43991 said:
    Yahoo Widgets! (aka Konfabulator)

    It's actually quite cool. Though I don't use it,* I prefer it in many ways to Dashboard and the Vista sidebar.

    * I don't use dashboard or the vista toolbar either, though, so go figure.

    When I was running XP I used Google Desktop.
  • yay im so excited! Not long left now! 8D
  • Seg;43970 said:
    The bugger with developing this thing for OS X is that Leopard's release is eminent. By the time this is finished, some new wiz-bang feature will come down the pipe that I'd like to play with, but I'll live.

    As far as releases, I'll be working on this on and off, but the Mac version will be out first. That's mainly because I already have my trusty old PowerBook right here and know the SDK versus the Vista box across the desk from me. Any one out there good at converting Mac Widgets with Vista Widgets (oh, I mean 'Gadgets')?
    Now Leopard's out, you can install DashCode (in optional installs) and it's super-easy to make a neat countdown widget with this app :) I just installed it, and you don't even need to know HTML or anything, you just have to fill text-fields, check boxes, and drag elements :) There is even a reminder to see if you don't forget any step...
  • Wow, cool program... don't suppose Windows has something like that out?
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    Sorry for the lack of news on this project, but I am still working on this. I think we all agree that getting Episode 1 out on time is a higher priority than this widget, but I have made some progress.

    I got Leopard Friday morning (thanks FedEx!) and have been playing around with the OS since. I'm looking at DashCode a little bit, but I have to weigh in the options of almost redoing the widget from scratch in order to work with the IDE. I'm still on the fence if only for that reason.

    As for the actual widget itself, I've made the project's scope a bit larger. Instead of one widget per episode/project, I'm constructing something that will adapt to all episodes and beyond. The widget will pull a text file of JSON variables from the TTG server and populate the widget with all announced release information for all of TTG's projects. The benefits to this file go beyond this widget as anyone can make something based of this file. So if we have to make a change, anything that reads that file will get the updated information. Not to mention this work extending beyond a widget for an OS we don't make games for.

    While it would be nice to get this done before Episode 1, don't hold your breath. This project is on my radar and I'm tinkering away at it, but it's lower on my priority list.

    But to prove that I've done a bit of work, I have some quick screenshots for you! Keep in mind that stuff may and likely will change from these captures, but feedback is welcomed. Also, I took the shots from in-browser so ignore the gray lines on top of each image.

    Front - The time/date on the bottom will change based on your local time zone. So for the EST zone, it will show up as 'Nov 9, 2007 12:00'. The countdown is to when we expect releasing, but the time conversions are done for you. Also, the TTG logo will change to the GameTap logo if that's the release you selected.

    Back - Settings go here. The top one selects which title you want to display, the bottom the distribution channel (TTG or Gametap).
  • Looks awesome. I take it you aren't doing one for Vista at the moment?
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