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The New Members Thread

posted by TomPravetz on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Hello, Telltale fledglings. I am TomPravetz. Welcome to myTelltales site. I noticed we have quite a few members joining the forums, and I thought it would be useful to have a thread specifically for welcoming the new victims slaves Forumites. So, please. Come. Introduce yourself. Say hi. And learn whose side you're on, because in these forums, there are always sides.

Just to get the ball rolling, I will start. Hi. I am TomPravetz. I love TTG more than cookies. And not just any cookies, but really, really good cookies. Oreos! So my goal is to one day work for Telltale, but before that, I just want to be a mod, which you will quickly find out. And be reminded. And reminded. And so on and so forth. I am basically the boss around here, meaning I tell people what to do and am obnoxious, and everyone else ignores my orders and complains about me to each other. So welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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