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Riddles of Monkey Island: time to recruit for this fan game!

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 13.5K users
Yes, that's right, I'm making a monkey island fan game after the fan game post on the tales blog (thanks SWP) inspired me to do so. Only
thing is, it's just the highway and me working on it, so I want you guys, the MI fan community to pitch in and help
make a successful game, whether that's giving story ideas or volunteering for a specific position. I'm also going to be holding auditions for voice actors aswel ( although guybrush is taken, well, at least one of them, hehe), but for now any contributions to content would be great.

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  • Cyrus7;439026 said:
    How's it going? When can we expect the trailer?
    Things are still coming along. We've stalled a little bit seeing as how we had to endure the Christmas period, where all must begrudgingly spend time with family (:D), and then the New Year period. However, things have never completely ceased, and I'm hoping we can start moving forward at an increased rate soon.

    I've begun finishing off the script for episode one, said script nearly being completed. We've had a number of backgrounds completed, with a few other ones comfortably planned out. MonkeyMania has done sprites for 4 characters already. We have music coming out of our ears thanks to SilverWolfPet and wdrpgwd who have both done a wonderful job so far.

    Game building... hasn't really commenced yet, but all of this pre-production stuff is coming along quite nicely, and I genuinely believe that we can end up with a very nice-looking, nice-sounding fan game with interesting characters and an interesting plot/story.

    We could probably throw together a very simple promotional trailer quite quickly, but it wouldn't exactly feature anything substantial. And, to be completely honest, it would be a little pointless at this moment in time seeing as how we're not at all close enough to a release date.

    Anyway, as for speeding things up a bit, I think I'm going to do some more scouting for potential team members, and perhaps put up a recruiting thread in the MixNMojo section of the LucasForums.

    But yeah, I like how things are going; I'm excited about quite a few things to do with this projects, and I can assure you that it will not die or come to a standstill. I don't think any of the core team are going to allow that to happen.

    Thank you for your interest once again; it's nice to know that people are wanting to know things about this project :).
  • Alright, so at the moment, guys, we're looking for another background artist.

    More specifically, we're looking for a really good background artist; someone who's capable of capturing and reproducing the art style of 'Curse of Monkey Island'. Or, if not reproducing, then at least being capable of producing artwork that bears some resemblance to Tiller's style (meaning exaggerated features, cartoon-y visuals, etc.). But a close imitation of his style would be ideal.

    Anyone who's able to create such artwork is more than welcome to join the team. Thanks :).

    Also: If one of the mods could perhaps change the name of this thread to 'Carnival of Monkey Island: time to recruit for this fan game!', then that would be nice, thanks :).
  • Ask Irishmile, he should be involved more often. He's talented, I'd love to play a game where he was involved.
  • doodo!;443437 said:
    Ask Irishmile, he should be involved more often. He's talented, I'd love to play a game where he was involved.
    Luckily he's already involved, then ;). He was in the team almost from the start, and has already completed one whole background. But I think he wants to forget about doing backgrounds, and more just focus on smaller bits of scenery, since his artistic style differs significantly from Blackbat's (our other background artist). Here are some examples of her artistic style - she captures the 'CoMI' look almost perfectly. That's why we need someone else who is capable of doing so, so that the look of the game is consistent.
  • To me it sounds like you have most of the artists enlisted with those sort of talents/ discilplines, arleady.
  • doodo!;443717 said:
    To me it sounds like you have most of the artists enlisted with those sort of talents/ discilplines, arleady.
    Well, we've got Blackbat, Irishmile... and that's about it. And while two people working on the visual side of the game is good, it wouldn't hurt to have one more.
  • Hola. My name's Matt, some people might vaguely know my floundering website, Nightlight Productions.

    Happy to come aboard as LeChuck, and any other voices you see fit. I played the part in Beneath Monkey Island, and currently The Power of Monkey Island.

    If you listen to 'Beneath', don't worry, I can now manage the voice without going 'scottish'. I can send you some samples if you like.

    Plus I'm a fellow Aussie. :P
  • Hey Matt! Yeah, samples would be great, if that's okay. I'm glad that we have another person willing to do voicework; we certainly need some more.
  • Will there be any carnival merchandise like LeChuck zombie pirate toys and Smuggle Bunnies in CMI?
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