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Ice Station Santa! Nov 9th

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users
Hey the Ice Station Santa trailer's up on the Season Two website if you guys want to check it out.

Some more screenshots and gameplay videos coming up in a few minutes.
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  • Mh... somehow the trailer doesn't flow as nicely as the ones for Season 1 (or the S2-trailer)... although I like the trailer being "The Thing"-like with an 80s B-movie touch to it, but still, it feels a little to choppy in the end.

    Ah, whatever, I bet the episode is still going to be awesome!
  • I thought it was awesome! Yes, it was choppy with frequent cuts from scene to scene. I though all that chaos made it seem scarier. I love the survival horror it has going on. I've always loved horror.

    I don't expect anything Sam and MAx to be really scary though, just cartoon scary. I love Santa.
    • The start of the trailer was epic.
    • Said 'Ice Station Santa' on the voice over too many times.
    • Did feel a tad choppy, like others had said.
    • In the trailer it looks like Sybil's has been burried under rocks... big rubble pile next to the office?
    • Bosco putting that present down the chute... interesting...
    • The ending joke with Bosco was just too funny. :D
    Overall? I can't wait. Bring on those screenshots and gameplay videos (oh I shouldn't, but I must!).
  • Less impressive than the Season Two trailer, but still quite good. And it certainly allows me to maintain my stellar expectations for Season Two without any doubt creeping in.
    I somehow only got the sound to not be choppy by restarting Firefox, but I blame that on Firefox. Otherwise it was a bit frantic visually, but nice.
    Is that voice-over new? Somehow sounds different from the previous one.
  • gametap launched their updated season 2 website and they have their own trailer up on the client
  • Previous voiceover? You might have to be more specific.
  • Dangerzone;44089 said:
    gametap launched their updated season 2 website and they have their own trailer up on the client

    I don't see it. Does "on the client" mean, like, on that thing you download to run Gametap?
    *has no idea how Gametap works*
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