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Forge and The Fold

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Hello everybody,
this is my first visit on this forum, I hope it's not a problem if I open a thread without posting in another...

LucasArts created an amazing and original game, Loom, which was planned as a trilogy, the sequels were named Forge and The Fold, but they were cancelled because of the low sales of Loom.
Is it possible that Telltale Games will make these games?
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  • No.
    Udvarnoky speaks the truth. It doesn't stand a candy bar's chance in fat camp of happening. We all just have to accept that the old classic licenses are all but gone. They belong to a company that doesn't want to go in that direction anymore, and are unlikely to part with their own IP. There will always be new ones, though, and in Telltale's hands, they'll likely become classics in no time.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum! :)
  • it would be nice to see loom come back. any idea what the story lines where to be for the new games? It's been so long since I played it all I remember is bobbin wanted to find his mother who turned into a swan or something. was a cool game though. I wouldn't think an old game like that wouldn't be too much of a problem to grab the rights to. As to someone making the new games... well probably not
  • I played Loom. Aah... memories. I had no idea what the f*** as going on at the time. played it recently though and it made a lot more sense. Too bad it didn't sell well enough for the sequels to be made
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    LOOM? LOOM? That's a very long shot. It's like walking into homeless shelter and asking for vintage wine. Hmmmm, maybe I've gone too far this time.
  • yeah you'd probably be better off making a fan version
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