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AGDI Unveils King's Quest III Redux!

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After 8 years the secret is out. Play it this February! I've put a huge percentage of the last decade of my life into this game's soundtrack and I hope you'll all enjoy it when it's ready!

King's Quest III Redux

Check the AGDI forums for more information on the project.
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  • I've got to say it, this being a Monkey Island developer's forums...


    lol. I'm looking forward to this.

    I won't hide my slight confusion given that IA already made a KQ3remake, but on the other hand, I'm really excited because this means AGDI may even make a KQ4remake as well (and probably finish before Magic Mirror Games ever does :rolleyes:)
  • Interesting. IA did a great job on the remake, but after Quest For Glory II VGA, AGD can do no wrong.
  • I wonder how Infamous Adventures feels about this :)
  • IA knows about it and is psyched. I'm a member of both teams, actually. Also, if you go to the forum section there's a nice post there explaining the history of the project (which started before IA started their remake) including answers to the question "Why remake an already remade game?".

    Also, this is the last and final AGDI game, unfortunately. There won't be any more :(. But we're going out with a bang! This is probably the biggest and best presented AGDI project out of all of them. QFG2VGA was pretty impressive scripting-wise, but KQ3Redux wins in basically everything else!

    The tone and setting of this game isn't as drastic a change from the original as KQ2+ was, the original story is still very much intact, but if you think you don't need to play it because you've already played IA's version or the original, well you'd be wrong! There's still plenty of interesting things to see and explore in KQ3Redux that tie in to the same lore that was written into KQ2+. But I won't say anymore. I don't want to spoil it!
  • Excellent! I look forward to playing this. I'm actually currently making my way through 'King's Quest III' for the first time (with IA's remake). So, if I aim to finish it before Feb, then I can have some fun making all of the comparisons between both remakes.
  • I have already played through the IA KQIII, but I'll still give this one a try :)
  • There's definitely enough redeeming values to play both of them. ;) Please nobody think that if you've played one version you've played them all. This is definitely a unique version.
  • MusicallyInspired;442183 said:
    this is the last and final AGDI game, unfortunately. There won't be any more :(.
    aww... I'm getting to the point where I'm unsure if Magic Mirror Games will ever finish their KQ4 remake, considering they have so few updates about it.

    It would have been really cool to have AGDI complete the VGA KQ library. =\
  • Indeed. But the crew is definitely tired of doing such fine work with no compensation. 4 full free high-class adventure games is a lot to put under your belt. Besides, ActiVision won't allow any more remakes. From here on in it's all Himalaya Studios stuff now (the new project of which I'm also lead composer for, so if you like the score for KQ3 I hope it draws you in enough to be interested in the score for this new title!).
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