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  • seibert999;442198 said:
    yeah my voice is pretty high, enough for harry, i'd give you a demo if i knew how to do it with windows
  • http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

    Here's a good one for recording voice, I think there is an export to mp3 button in there somewhere.
  • Teeth;442066 said:
    Gohaku, well done, you were excellent. :D You bloody stole the show from Lattsam. :p

    Lattsam, I do have to compliment your comedic timing, and I had my doubts about an abridged series of something that is already a comedy, but you seem to be pulling it off pretty well. :D

    However, I do hope you'll drop the voice actor bashing...it was just about acceptable in Episode 1 since it was something that caused controversy among the fanbase when Telltale first started, but in this one you out and out insulted Telltale's voice actors, saying they can't act. I hope by the time you get to 305 Abridged it won't be like "I miss my little buddy, and I miss his original voice actor from 18 years ago! His current voice actor who started half a decade ago is awful."
    :o Thanks a bunch, Teeth! I do give credit to lattsam's ambitious writing. Also, I think he's just following the arc of drama coinciding with the Sam&Max series, not to bash on TellTale. It's all for the love of the crime fighting duo after all!

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks again for the compliment!:D
  • I know seibert already volunteered for the president, but I can do a pretty good impression of him if you need one.
  • If you need me for Girl Stinky or Nefertiti, I'm here.
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    Awesomepantsman;442278 said:
    I know seibert already volunteered for the president, but I can do a pretty good impression of him if you need one.
    yeah you should, my voice is to high for that job
  • Do you have any more open slots? I could be The Toy mafia members.
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    i realy heeard strongbrush1 he is good
  • I'm bumping this thread because I'd like to see more feedback from more viewers. Feedback can lead to improvement! The second episode is now up and new cast members have been added. Lattsam also took some advice from earlier posters who have made comments about the first episode. So, what do think of it now? Do you like the jokes? What about the performances? How's my Max act? ;)

    Let us know what you think and we'll get funnier! ....Or we'll just ignore you depending on the comment :p
    Thanks for watching! Episode 2

    And to all of you interested in acting for future episodes, I'm sure Lattsam would be happy to have you on board. Right lattsam?
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    i would want to be harry moleman
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