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The Telltale Five - what will return?

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As you probably know, it has been revealed that Telltale is going to reveal their next five projects after Back to the Future and Jurassic Park next month. All that's been revealed about what they are is that one will be based upon a current TV and comic book franchise, which everyone has assumed to be The Walking Dead.

I'd like to see what people think the most likely returning series will be among those five, or indeed if people think any will return at all.

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  • If it's not another season of Tales...well, we won't be getting it for a while, will we? Telltale will be focusing on these five new games most of all, which won't leave much room for it's development, will it?

    Telltale had BETTER blow my mind with these announcements if it's not TMI2.
  • Tales of Monkey Island 2. The ending of Rise of the Pirate god definitely left a cliffhanger.

    Hopefully a Puzzle Agent season too.
  • I really hope ToMI is in there.... I would love for a sierra game to be in the mix as well.
  • Jen Kollic;442764 said:
    If one of these projects isn't more Tales, I will cry like a two year-old.
    If one of these projects isn't more Tales, I will cry for two years.
  • Of all the things Telltale's already done, here's my ranking from most to least likely to return.

    Sam and Max Season 4: Sam and Max is, more or less, Telltale's biggest franchise. It's a safe bet that as long as Telltale has the Sam and Max license (which it seems like they will for quite a while), there will always be a Sam and Max season at some point in development, even if it's just in the conceptual stages. In fact, it's a pretty safe bet that they were coming up with ideas for Season 4 before The Devil's Playhouse had even finished. Granted, with Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and who knows what else in the works, it might be a while before Telltale gets to Season 4, but with five announcements, I get the feeling Telltale will be showing off everything they have planned for the next two years or so. I'd be more surprised if they didn't announce Season 4 than if they did.

    SBCG4AP Season 2: Strong Bad's appearance in Poker Night at the Inventory proves The Chaps are willing to place Homestar in Telltale's hands again. There's also the fact that the site has been updating very rarely as of late. (There were only four "real" updates, by which I mean actual new content, throughout 2010.) While there are multiple factors in the lack of updates (Matt's baby, Monster Safari, Poker Night), I wouldn't be surprised if a new SBCG4AP season factored in as well. Also, Telltale recently decided to re-release SBCG4AP for the PS3 and Mac. Why do they suddenly want us paying attention to one of their older games again, hmm?

    Monkey Island 6: When Telltale announced they were making a new Monkey Island game, people went berserk. Tales won Telltale just as much attention and acclaim as Sam and Max have (maybe even more), and it did it in just one season. Not to mention Tales ended on a cliffhanger. Telltale would have to be crazy to not make another Monkey Island...if they're allowed to, at least. Remember that Monkey Island is LucasArts property. Yes, LucasArts let Telltale develop Tales, but that was back when Rodriguez was President of LucasArts. Now that he's left, we can probably look forward to LucasArts sticking to the formula that's proved so profitable already: An endless sea of Star Wars crap. :p I wouldn't place a new Monkey Island game out of the question, since Tales did sell well, but whether it happens is up to LucasArts, not Telltale. Given their management, this is why I'm placing Monkey Island below Strong Bad in the likelihood scale.

    A Puzzle Agent Season: You can tell that Telltale loves Puzzle Agent and definitely wants it to be a success. They've been doing everything they can to push it (to the point of giving it away for free with BttF pre-orders). If Puzzle Agent sells well enough to justify more installments, Telltale will definitely make more. The question is...has it sold well enough? Now, I don't know the sales statistics to Puzzle Agent, and I'm not going to pretend to. Maybe it's done well, maybe it hasn't. However, if I'm going to guess, although I loved Puzzle Agent's If-David-Lynch-Made-Professor-Layton style, I admit the game is pretty...nichey, even by the standards of a company that makes point-and-click adventure games. Hopefully it did well enough, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Something Else at the Inventory: I know for a fact that Poker Night did sell well (it was even outselling New Vegas on Steam at one point), but...and I'm not trying to be insulting here, just realistic...the majority of the sales came from people who wanted the Team Fortress 2 items and would've paid no attention to the game otherwise. It might be difficult for Telltale to figure out how much actual interest people had for the game. There's also the fact that the very concept behind "The Inventory" is a licensing nightmare. Fortunately, Telltale has already proved they can pull something like that off. After all, they got four separate licenses for Poker Night, right? Remember, though, of those four licenses, three of them are creator-owned (and they happened to have a good relationship with the company behind the fourth). And two of them originated from the Internet. If Telltale tries to give The Inventory some more high-profile attendants, they might have trouble. All I ask, though, is that if Telltale makes another "At the Inventory" game (and despite all this stuff I'm saying, I did like Poker Night and would like to see more of the Inventory), I hope it's something more gameplay-intensive than poker. A point-and-click would be great. ;)

    More Wallace and Gromit: Does Telltale even have the license anymore? Even if they did, I don't think it sold well enough to warrant a sequel.

    More Bone: No license, no chance.
  • I want the most (But not likely): Sam and Max Season 4
    I would love to see (But not the one I prefer the most): ToMI 2 or In the Inventory 2
    I would be kinda disappointed (But play it anyway): SBCG4AP or Puzzle Agent
    I wouldn't even dare to download its demo: A Walking Dead game
    The worst thing I would enjoy MORE than a Walking Dead game: A Twilight game made by Telltale.

    Okay, I went off-track...
  • If they made another inventory it must include one of the following:

    -Louis (PILLZ!)
    -Sam (Max again wouldn't be too bad)
    -Comic character (Cyanide and Happiness "guy" (pushing it), Dr.McNinja(unlikely), Ratfist(well, any DougTenNapel character really...(Imagine Earthworm Jim! :D))
  • I doubt they're going to bring back franchises they've already done...just doesn't seem like their MO right now. But I hope one of them is a Puzzle Agent season nonetheless.
  • MusicallyInspired;442852 said:
    I doubt they're going to bring back franchises they've already done...just doesn't seem like their MO right now. But I hope one of them is a Puzzle Agent season nonetheless.
    I don't think all of their 5 new projects would turn out to be new stuff. That'd be an overkill IMO.
  • I think that there will be two new series, two new pilots and a sequel.
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