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Season 3 Case File

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I have to admit, I am slightly disappointed that Season 3 didn't get its own collector's case file like previous seasons.

For those who came in late, Seasons 1 & 2 of Sam & Max had case files that you could order with them - little envelopes filled with trinkets from the cases in the series. Unfortunately, my Season 1 case file got lost in a move so I don't remember all the items (except the incredibly awesome Max For President campaign pin that I managed to save and still cherish to this day). The Season 2 file had a mini-CD of the Friendly Demon Song, a coaster from the Easter Island Tiki Bar, a mailer advertisement for the Zombie Factory, a punch card from the time traveling elevator and token for the Soul Train.

So if they had made a case file for Season 3, what would you have wanted to see in it?

Rules: The case file has one item for each episode. Items have to be small enough to fit in an envelope that goes inside a dvd case. Items are cheap, flat, usually printable materials.

My picks:

Oversized mind-reading playing cards
OR a takeout menu for Meesta Pizza
OR the antique postcard
OR a clipping of the "Sam & Max Save the City" newspaper

A ticket stub from the Disorient Express, or one of Papierwaite's shows.
OR one of the hieroglyphic newspaper comics
OR a copy of Nefertiti's love letter to Jurgen

A brochure on the exhibits of the Museum of Unnatural History

A menu from Stinky's Diner
OR a business card from Flint Paper

A reversible desk sign that has "Narrator" on one side and "Super Ego" on the other
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