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Tales of monkey island sucks

posted by Lonnie on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
I was so excited to play TOMI but am bitterly disappointed with the terrible 3D graphics, stupid dialogue and boring puzzles.

I know alot of you will readily disagree with me but I much prefer the 2d style of Curse of Monkey Island, it was great to play. Really, really enjoyed it.

This is the first time EVER I have gotten bored with a MI game.

Shouldn't games and graphics in general get better as time goes along not the other way round?

Anyone else who didn't/doesn't like TOMI?
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  • Glad to hear you're not here to troll or be negative for the sake of being negative, Lonnie. I hope I didn't offend you, but it's not so easy to tell nowadays with all those trolls roaming on the cyberspace waves. :)

    Regarding giving up at the Lair of the Leviathan, I personally thought the fourth episode is the only one that could compare to the old games, while episode 5 was a great finale. I know LotL is highly regarded, but I thought it was somewhat boring for the most part (apart from the return of our lovable demonic talking skull, Murray). That said, I think the game became better with each episode, and peaked at episode 4 and the second best episode was 5, mainly because the finale was so good.

    All in all, it's not as good as MI1, 2 and CMI, but it's maybe as good as if not better than EMI at least (yes, EMI was good, if you disregard the horrifying story). Nothing can ever top MI2, but ToMI was good enough for me to instant-pre-order a second season. Certainly the best Telltale has made yet (imo), but that might be because I love Monkey Island so much.
  • Can you please provide a modern video game example of what the graphics should look like?

    Can you please provide a modern video game example of what the puzzles should be like or examples out of the previous games...

    Why did the game bore you?

    To be honest I think this guy has a talent for making a fuss while disarming people.
  • 1) maybe he/she isn't familiar with Telltale and what they do/stand for, so the graphics seems outdated when you compare them to other 3D games today?

    2) the puzzles weren't all great. There were some really boring/annoying puzzles, especially the map puzzles in episode 1. Just because a puzzle is of a similar nature to the ones in the earlier games, doesn't mean it's equally as good.

    3) well, like I said, while I wasn't exactly bored, I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement either in the first three episodes. It didn't take until episode 4, which had very good puzzles for a Telltale game and that was also when the story actually became interesting. The first three dragged out, to be honest (well, the ending of ep. 3 was decent and that certain skull was a nice one too).

    4) To be honest, I think you're being way too defensive and cynical. Disarming people? Riiiight... also, it appears you are the only one being overly defensive here, so if he/she was a troll, you are the only one who took the bait.
  • This just got interesting.
  • Nevermind, carry on.
  • Hey guys.

    Ok, I realize I shouldn't of made the headline of my post 'TOMI sucks', I should of wrote something like 'mmmmm, not quite into it yet, will I ever be?'

    I admit I have never played EFMI, as by the time I got back into MI and started playing COMI again and TSOMI, I was hearing that a new MI was coming out. I had wanted to play EFMI but I was put off by the graphics (again lol.)

    Ahhh so that must be Murray in the....actually, better not ruin it for anyone else.

    And StarEye no I wasn't offended, and your right, I'm really not familiar with Tell Tale Games. I do want to play the BTTF game also when I have the time.

    So yeh, I'm sure Tell Tale will produce some great games, and its awesome that they've done Back To The Future, I promise you won't see a 'BACK TO THE FUTURE SUCKS' thread (not from me anyway:) )

    I guess I do feel bad about criticizing TOMI, maybe I was expecting too much, especially fro ma company who's first time it is doing a Monkey Island game?
  • Hi Lonnie, welcome to the forums. You'll find a lot of people here are Monkey Island fans from back in the old days and while opinions vary things rarely get out of hand. I'm a huge fan of Curse too, in fact I'd say it's my favroite game of all time. The combination of wit, humor and charm is second to none in my opinion. And I don't think the graphics will ever look too dated because of the cartoon style and art.

    One of the major gripes you have against Tales are the sub-par graphics but one thing I will point out is that all Telltale games are designed to be downloadable. They need to keep the files sizes low so that people without top-shelf internet connections can still access their games and one of the things that suffers as a result is that we're not going to get next-gen level graphics. So while it is true that the graphics can't compare to most modern games there is a good reason behind it.

    As for your other grips, it's all just personal preference, your opinions are valid and you're not alone. There are a lot of people on these forums who found the same issues with the game as you as well as those who love it unconditionally and all those in between.
  • Hi Woodsyblue, thanks.

    Its not so much that I expected the graphics to be out of this world, its that I thought well, if they go 3D again at least make the graphics work well into the gameplay, and I thought it just didn't quite get there.

    I think they really hit the nail on the head with Curse and I was thinking to myself why fix something thats not broke (i.e why change such a great style) but of course things progress and change. I have to admit I cringed when I saw the TOMI trailer for the first time as I thought it looked alike to EFMI, but obviously graphics were better.

    But hey thats just one part of my opinion, its how everything glues together for TOMI.

    I will try again and hopefully I'll eat my words when I finish the game :)
  • Yeah, Curse was the peak of the SCUMM Engine and it's graphics are timeless. It was 2D gaming looking at its finest, right around the time 3D gaming started rearing its, at the time, very ugly looking head.

    A lot of us here knew what to expect from Tales graphics because we'd played Sam & Max or other Telltale games before that use the Telltale Tool. (A game engine built in-house by Telltale which they use for all their games.) Something I personally quite like about the Telltale Tool is its emphasis on facial and body language. So many games have characters that are just talking heads with minimal to no expression. In Telltale games the characters are very animated and that really helps immerse the player in the game and story, which is something they wouldn't have been able to do at all with the old 2D graphics. But now I'm just rambling.

    If you think Monkey Island looks bad you should see some of Telltales older stuff. I mean wow!
  • Wow 589 post I've got some catching up to do!

    Haha yeh those old graphics remind me of PS1 days.

    Have you played BTTF? Any good?
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