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why isn't this available for ipod touch/iphone or even symbian? ipod should definately be possible because of the cpu power. In terms of symbian, on my s60v5 (symbian touchscreen) i can emulate sega mega drive (sonic the hedgehog etc) and can even run old games such as monkey island 3 smoothly! i'm sure if telltale tried they could make it work. Is it the market on these devices holding them back? not enough people? because everyone has an ipod, and nokia dominate the smartphone market so i don't see why not. it would be the best graphical/gameplay game on the ovi store. perhaps a demo? try puzzle agent and if that goes well, then release monkey on it?
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  • Its coming to iPad where several other Telltale games have gone to as well. Can't ever see it being brought to the iPhone/iTouch since its graphical requirements would be way too demanding. You do know Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Island 3 are rather old games now and can play on just about anything right? Find it funny that you openly admit that you pirate games lol especially since Sonic is available legally for those platforms.
  • if you own the original game i don't think it counts as piracy if you're emu ing it. scummvm is a huge project. i doubt you're calling everyone on the project pirates. in emulation terms i think if you own the system you can emulate it. if you own the game for that system again, you can emulate it. i don't see the harm in it.

    they could water down the grafix. i don't see the point of max graphics on a small screen
  • and here i was thinking some one was going to ask me out on a date...
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