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Cursor Problem

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Hi there,

I just bought CSI 3 Dimensions, and after installation and playing the first case, I noticed an issue with the cursor. It's basically uncontrollable - just a small movement will make the cursor move wildly from one side of the screen to the other. I have to tap it with my finger numerous times to get it where I want it to go. It slows down my play time immensly. Only one other issue, my tool icons are missing from the tool selections, only the tool decriptions show up...any ideas?

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  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you're having this problem. Can you tell us your computer specs? (Specifically, what kind of video card do you have?)
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    Hi Emily,

    It's a Prosavage KM133. It is definitely not one that's listed in the CSI handbook - it is three years old and most likely out of date. I knew this when I bought the game - it's playable but very slow - and of course with the cursor being so hard to control, it's just frustrating. I suppose I should upgrade my video card and see if that makes a difference. I didn't think though that a video card would affect the way the cursor handles, but I guess I was wrong!

  • I'm not sure if the video card is what's causing the cursor problem, but it is most likely what's causing the problem of the tools not showing up.

    If you end up upgrading the video card, please let us know how it goes!
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    Have you had other players ask about the crazy cursor problem?

  • I don't remember hearing about this particular problem from anyone else, but Ubisoft is handling the support for this game so we aren't hearing much, support-wise.
  • By the way, while we're at it - Sometimes when in the inventory, examining some items, it's sometimes difficult finding the hotspot to move it. Is this something you could fix?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by hotspot, here. Are you talking about where to put your cursor on the arrows that rotate the object?
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    hey jannar85 -

    Moving objects in the inventory (aka evidence viewer) is something we definitely want to fix if we do another CSI game.

    For CSI3DOM, you can usually touch the mouse to the edges of the screen to cause it to rotate.

    The closer to the edge of the screen, the faster it will rotate.

  • Hey, great to hear Greg!

    Is Ubisoft pleased with the sales btw? Could it happen you got to do another one? :D

    I haven't seen a CSI game so alike CSI before, and that's positive! :)
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