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Video Game Movie Concepts

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As I write this topic I can't help but be hit with the irony of it. I'm generally the first to stand up and say video game movies suck, but that's more because most of them are made my Uwe Boll and therefore could create a black hole with the sheer magnitude of their own terribleness.In the middle of watching JesuOtaku's LP of Ocarina of Time I got to thinking what other games would make (conceptually) good movies and I thought I'd toss it out for a little discussion.

These are the first ones that came to mind.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

This game holds the rank along with Persona 4) as my favorite game of all time. Set against the backdrop of World War I, SH:C manages to create a wonderful mix of light and dark. The party is funny, memorable and very human. The enemies are clever and the end boss is probably one of the best examples of a sympathetic villain I can think of. While being a sequel may be a bit of a problem (much of the plot is kicked off because of the events of the first SH), it manages to stand very much on it's own two feet and explains the events of one necessary to it's own plot.

Besides, in my opinion one works as a better prequel than the first movie to start with. Its plot is good, but a bit weak compared to the emotional high and lows of Covenant.

Also, just because this game is glorious and silly, Enjoy some awesome cutscenes.

The Golden Sun (so far) trilogy

These games are the quintissential fantasy epic. Elemental powers, a dying yet incredibly varied world, a gorgeous soundtrack that proved even more epic when it made a Debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl...this game to me just begs some sort of adaptation. The game is a bit dungeon heavy, but those could be edited down to the essentials, such as the lighthouses, the Sol sanctum and a few others. The characters, while not as strikingly unique as those in Shadow Hearts Covenant are solid and work well for the fantasy epic that this game is.

Monkey Island

I know this has been discussed in the ToMI section of the forum and there's even a topic or two on it, but yes, this is definitely one of the first series that pops to mind when I think potentially good movie. LCR, CMI, and ToMI strike me as more cinematic than SoMI and EMI, but I could see them working as well. As for why, well, I figure most of you can fill than in yourselves. XD

Valkyria Chronicles

I will admit, this is the only game on this list that I have not personally played (as I lack a PS3), and quite honestly had no interest in it until I stumbled across an LP of the game, which once I started I could not stop watching. I understand there's an anime of the game as well, but that it is vastly inferior to the game itself.

VC falls in an interesting place for me. It is, at it's core a war game, however it doesn't fall into the traditional JRPG trap of a bunch of pacifists who somehow are part of a military organization despite the lack of desire/inclination for the business of war, nor does it fall into the Gears of War Testosterone soaked "YEAAAAAH WE'RE IN A F***ING WAR" explosion fest. Instead it's a very human story about a group from all walks of life who join the Militia in an effort to save their country. The game does not shy away from character death, but it still retains a much more positive vibe than one would expect from a game on this subject matter. It's an interesting take on the war game/film genre as a whole as it skirts a number of cliches without actually falling into them. The main and minor cast is well fleshed out and entertaining and the plot is engaging enough to make it work.

So there are my first thoughts on the topic. Yours?
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