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Tracking My Game

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Hold me accountable to finishing at least the background resources ok?

These are the first four sketches centering on the beginning village. They're all edge enhanced and without any line cleanup or color, so if they super rough, it's because this is the first stage of it.




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  • Hey, pretty sweet! I assume the game starts right out of cottage lyfe, like Peasant's Quest?

    Besides that, those are superb. I love how each of them looks kinda bent, it gives a big cartoony feeling. I'm also planning stuff for my game (writing the script draft atm) and I drew some character concept arts, but I never bring myself to do the terrains and locations because it's always boring to me. Love the way you started off of them, actually.
  • Well it's a 30 'room' outline I have for the game based on a short story I pitched a long time ago at the beginning of my writing career. I turned out to be far worse at children's fantasy that I was at adult sci fi, but I have been really feeling the game bug lately.

    I drew six rooms up tonight so that means 24 are left. Cleanup will only require removing stray lines then processing the remaining stills through Paint Shop Pro to eliminate anything stray left over, and then to color, a fairly simple process in comparison to the actualy drawing of the backgrounds.

    Once those are finished then it's on to character design and animation sequences. This is by far the most time consuming element given there is a central protagonists and three secondary protagonists all requiring design and animation, and beyond those a supporting cast of a dozen to two dozen or so, but at least the supporting cast remains still for the most part. The antagonist is another major character requiring animation but given that he does not conform to a physical body his animations can be fluid and it's less stress on the animation.

    I want the backgrounds out and finished this month. Character design and animations will take an unforseen mount of time, probably the bulk of the design effort.

    Once those two are finished I can begin composing a set of about a dozen songs in the MIDI composer Finale. My background in music and the ease of Finale means that won't be much more than a month's effort.

    The puzzles themselves are the most curious element of it all. I'll run the backgrounds and animations through Adventure Game Studio and process it all and integrate the puzzles then.

    Of course easier said than done, but like I said, the backgrounds, puzzles and compositions are fairly easy. It's the animation that will take time.
  • Awesome, you've planned out everything I can see, unlike me. You'll handle all by yourself or actually get the help of other people when it comes to animations or maybe other aspects? It's hard and I also feel scared about them in all forms; sprites or cutscenes.
  • I'll handle it all by myself. The backgrounds are easily doable in a month solo, same with the compositions.

    The only thing I would consider outsourcing is characters/animation, everything else is fairly simplistic. Cutscenes for me mean in game sprite animations. I'd try to not stray too far from my base animations where possible since this game will net me zero dollars and I don't want to invest more than six months into it.

    Another 'super rough'. Did this in a few minutes to get a concept out, right after replying to your post.


    Edit: I knew something looked off. She has no eyebrows.
  • Whoa, you amaze me so well. You're more ready for this game designing job than I do since the even most basic concept character art takes me a ridicilous amount of time to "look right". And in many cases, it just does not.

    Gotta say the blueprints to your game already creates the atmosphere.
  • Thanks. I foresee this being my one and only time going all out on something like this so fingers crossed :)
  • Oh and storywise, the name of the game is called "The Golden Anvil". It centers on the special powers endowed upon items through runes, though items fashioned upon the anvil attain certain mystical properties in conjunction with the runes that put them in their own class of magical weaponry. For this reason the King of Pelagreen has requested an weapon be fashioned upon it capable of stopping the Black Lich, a threat that has arisen in the land.
  • Early concept of the Black Lich, sort of what he is supposed to 'feel' like.

  • Black Lich - Up Close

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