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The Devil's Playhouse Concept Art Petition

posted by queen_of_the_lobsters on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
Many of the customers who received the "Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse" DVD were disappointed with the Concept Art Presented on the disk. The only concept art available were pictures that could just as easily be accessed from Telltale's press website, whereas the Sam and Max DVDs from the previous two seasons offered lots of extra concept art previously unseen outside of Telltale's offices. One employee at Telltale had this to say:
Jake;433095 said:
Sorry that the concept selection is so skimpy this year. I didn't ever get a chance to look that over so i didn't know there were so few images included. I'll see if i can at least throw a few new images up on a thread here so people can look at some stuff.
This was roughly a month ago, and this thread has not appeared. Rather than let this fall by the wayside, I have decided to give the Telltale staff a friendly nudge from the consumers. Please sign to keep this thread at the forefront of their minds. Even if you have lost all hope of seeing the concept art and see this petition as a forlorn hope, post in this thread to say so. The point is to get people's attention and to show enough interest in the concept art. Let's accomplish this as the fantastic message board team we know we can be!

The Queen Of The Lobsters

P.S. If it's not too much trouble, Telltale, please unlock the NutriSpecs for PC and Mac users.
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    Jake;444823 said:
    Oh man! This reminds me of...


    We started working on a "third, never before seen ending!" to the Devil's Playhouse, based on the Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending, as an easter egg on the DVD, where Sam turns into a dog at the controls in the clone chamber, then Max comes in and falls to his knees and says "so it was all your work!" in Japanese... but ran out of time. :( We didn't even get started beyond combining Sam and Franklin into a single character model.
    The first chink in the wall has appeared. It will only be a matter of time before the dam breaks and concept art will flood and rehydrate this forum.
  • queen_of_the_lobsters;444873 said:

    The first chink in the wall has appeared. It will only be a matter of time before the dam breaks and concept art will flood and rehydrate this forum.
    Everybody get out your pickaxes! We're bringing this thing down!
  • Signed! Yet I'm still yet to receive the DVD and stuff..
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Which pieces were on the DVD?
  • Jake;444918 said:
    Which pieces were on the DVD?
    Everything on the VIP site and nothing more. That is...
    The Museum
    Momma Bosco's Lab
    The Disorient Express (interior and exterior)
    Sameth and Maximus
    The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
    and The Devil's Toybox
  • This is the art on the disc.
  • Signed, I would like to see if any characters changed in design much :D
  • Rather Dashing;444921 said:
    This is the art on the disc.
    That's all!? Wow that is a downgrade compared to the previous seasons, also curious why Museum, Sal, etc, are tagged as 301, whilst 302 being tagged as Ep2, and then nothing after that.
  • Probably Sal, Papierwaite and the Museum were all tagged as 301 because Telltale originally thought of introducing them in that episode. They do show up in the trailer for The Devil's Playhouse, the same one featuring scenes from The Penal Zone and not much else. They did say on the DVD that most of The Tomb of Sammun-Mak was originally supposed to take place in the present, with just a short scene in the past, so Papierwaite probably was originally the eccentric curator who somehow appears in the past instead of the eccentric guy-who-holds-a-contest who doesn't appear in the present until the next episode.

    Let's see some more signatures and comments, folks! I don't want to see this thread die until we get more concept art.
  • Art! Art! Art!

    'fraid I already signed though.
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