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Other Characters?

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If you could have one more character from each series wich ones would you have. As for me:

Div (The alchohlic DIVX player from Penny Arcade)
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  • Maybe a Vocaloid like Miku and the Kagamines Twins for otakus
  • If they bring back the franchises they used in Poker Night, here is who I would like to see (and, believe me, I thought long and hard on this):

    Obviously Gabe and Sam. That'd be cool.

    Snipah, to be the straight man.

    And Strong Sad. I...I just really want to spend an hour with him and chill.
  • Hmmm....I second what someone else said about playing poker with GLaDOS. You'd NEVER be able to tell when she's bluffing.
  • LeChuck
    Sal (from the afterlife)
    Agent Nelson Tethers "This pattern of cards looks like a puzzle !!"
  • Ofc this is my take on the characters, but I'm going to go through each of the more obvious characters for an expansion/a sequel:

    Sam & Max
    X Sam (he'd have a few stories but he's too predictable and monotonous for an entertaining poker game)
    X Bosco (funny as hell in the games but wouldn't really fit in to the poker game as an entertaining character)
    X Sybil (can't see how she could be any less boring than in the games)
    X Ms Bosco (not complex enough a character)

    Strong Bad/Homestar Runner
    They'd be great all in the same poker game together but only the following strike me as worthy additions:
    King of Town

    Team Fortress
    I don't know the franchise at all so this is a pure guess

    Penny Arcade
    Gabe (could be hilarious, especially in interactions with Morgan Le Flay)

    Monkey Island
    X Guybrush (he'd think his strategy aloud and inadvertently tell everyone his hand)
    X Elaine (not complex or funny enough character)
    Voodoo Lady (a bit monotonous and predictable but could also be very funny)
    LeChuck (strong and sneaky, aka someone Heavy would look up to, as well as being very funny)
    X Stan (not suited to the setting, at all)
    Herman Toothrot (maybe only because he's funny and we'd see some character development)
    Morgan (would be the female, schoolgirl aggressive version of Tycho, someone for Gabe to wind up)

    Wallace & Gromit
    X Wallace (too boring and predictable)
    X Gromit (brilliant faces but wouldn't be able to take part in conversations)
    X Penguin/Chicken (see above)
    X Cooker (see above)
    X Preston (see above)
    X All Wallace's former love interests (not fitting to the situation)

    X Fone (too much of a one-dimensional character)
    X Phoney (see above)
    X Smiley (see above)
    X Thorn (see above)
    X Dragon (wouldn't fit in the shot very well)

    Puzzle Agent
    X Nelson (his personality would be too flat in a scenario like this)

    Back to the Future
    X Marty (similar in personality for this setting as Tycho Brahe, Fone Bone and Nelson Tethers)
    X Doc Brown (a mad-but-good scientist stereotype would not fit this game if we're still playing poker)
    Biff (could be rather like Strong Bad but in hard mode, would have the Armanak with him so would be like Max with Futurevision(tm))

    Jurassic Park
    Nobody would be suitable.

    Not followed CSI or Telltale Texas Hold-em at all so cant comment on those.
  • tbm1986;444584 said:
    Jurassic Park
    Nobody would be suitable.
    Bah, Ian Malcolm would be a GREAT poker opponent. Well, an entertaining one, anyway.
  • tbm1986;444584 said:

    Puzzle Agent
    X Nelson (his personality would be too flat in a scenario like this)
    You only say that cause he's 2-dimensional. :p
  • Shadowknight1;445114 said:
    You only say that cause he's 2-dimensional. :p
    Very funny but you could apply that to all the Homestar Runner and Penny Arcade characters, many whom I'd like to see/enjoyed seeing in Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • Two from each game
    Sam & Max: Sam and Flint Paper.
    SBCG4AP: Homestar and The Cheat
    Team Fortress 2: Spy and Sniper
    Penny Arcade: Gabe and Annarchy

    These would be awsome
  • tbm1986;444584 said:
    Jurassic Park
    Nobody would be suitable.
    Son, Velociraptor is disappoint.
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