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Heavy Rain inspired gameplay

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The Game Informer article said that the gameplay in Jurassic Park is going to be inspired by Heavy Rain.
Applying the Jurassic Park license to the storytelling systems Telltale has created in past games makes sense to a degree, but in our conversations with the team they kept coming back to Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain. “While our story is more linear than Heavy Rain, actions the player takes are reflected in the way the story is told,” Boyle says. “The choices the players make result in changes to the details of the story. Players will know we are paying attention to the decisions they make.”

Telltale is also heavily inspired by Heavy Rain’s gameplay mechanics. The team is still figuring out how actions are presented to the player, but Boyle says Telltale is approaching the task with “more focus on cinematic presentation of your interactions.” Expect plenty of investigating and looking around in the slower-paced gameplay sections, but when the tension escalates to life and death scrambling, the gameplay shifts from selecting destinations to immediate response.
(If you haven't read the article yet you can find it here.)

I don't own a ps3 so I've never played Heavy Rain but if they had released it on PC or 360 I'd would have picked it up in a heartbeat. (For the record I don't actually own a 360, my friend's brother works for Microsoft and they gave him one when he finished his internship and I just sort of inherited it because I have the nicest TV and game playing area of all my friends.) From what I've seen in the videos is that it looks heavy on the quick time events. Also, I hear that decisions in the game are final, like if a character dies, even a main character, they stay dead.

So what do people think of this change in direction from the more traditional adventure game formula Telltale usually employs? I for one like the idea, partly because I never got to play Heavy Rain and would like to get a taste of what the gameplay was like. I also think it would work better for a franchise like Jurassic Park were the element of danger can't be ignored.
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  • doodo!;443871 said:
    Come on they aren't jesus, 22 endings and people still complain? They did something right, they can't be miracle workers and give you a perfect game. There's human error, trial and error.

    There's so many possibilities, I forget the characters names but I know that the game has lots of replay value if you just sit down for a moment and think about all the mind boogling possibilities that they sat down and thought out and coded and animated and acted and wrote and directed, etc...

    Not to accuse you of being a cynic or anything but seriously, isn't it enough already, why set the bar, standards so high? No team is going to have a bar set that high, it's ridiculus. We have human limitations, no budget or human being could be spent well on such a project that expands almost inifinite possibilities.

    Just because it's obvious in nature that more could have been done, could be done that doesn't mean that what has been done already isn't great, isn't worth while and possibly in actuality all that can be done at this time...

    I think this sort of gameplay is the start of something great.
    My problems with the game lie in the inability to change the killer. For example, in the first chapter, I didn't help Wife with Groceries. That should turn her into the killer, not have it always be person. I also wish they'd worked a better reveal in, as it worked very anticlimactically, and it'd be better with him strangling his mother but you think you're going to soften her pillow.

    I loved the game so much, but the endings do lack variety. If you kill them during the game, they have the same ending as if they died during the ending chapter.

    For the record, I got the saddest of the sad endings, with Ethan shooting Himself, Madison and Norman dead, and the killer getting off Scott free. (see what I did there?)
  • Spoilers my man, but I got to get that ending. Yes, I think I see what you did. LOL, you gave me all the names. haha.
  • I don't think having different Killers would have been a good idea.
  • waroftheworlds01;444021 said:
    I don't think having different Killers would have been a good idea.
    It would have if it had been executed well, but they decided to make the game lose most fun in replay value in favor of a better first-time around.
  • Ribs;444036 said:
    It would have if it had been executed well, but they decided to make the game lose most fun in replay value in favor of a better first-time around.
    That is your opinion. I still have fun playing it.
  • They can take inspiration by anything from Heavy Rain, but not the gameplay. Please. That kind of gameplay (QTE's for everything) doesn't work with JP.

    Let us control our character.
  • Telltale could also get some inspiration from Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

    Some things were done pretty realistic with how you handle everyday things in a game environment.

    And of course Shenmue is a great inspiration source too for "virtual reality"-like adventures.
  • They can use QTEs in certain key moments, but please let there be direct control avoid or escape sequences, can be doable in cleverly given camera angles
  • doodo!;443830 said:
    Did you play Heavy Rain even? Characters can die. Maybe you should play on a hard skill level... And the endings do change, their aren't alternate solutions as far as I know but you can play the game over and over again trying to get different endings. There are choices though, every trial you can make choices and you can make choices between characters and their relationships for multiple endings.
    I was saying I want the ability to die in the upcoming Jurassic park game. I loved Heavy Rain as a game. I just got bored playing it over and over. For most of the game choosing different options has a very minor and superficial affect on the game. The only real difference are the endings and a few different cutscenes as a reward. I’m not trying to diss the game it is one of the best games to come out.
    doodo!;443830 said:

    There's always the human element in everything we do, we aren't computers. That would be extremely hard to program if not impossible. But hey, if they can pull it off then that's great. I personally like the real time feeling Heavy Rain has it makes it feel more realistic. But in a indirect and direct sense all the characters in Heavy Rain are connected to each other and yes in fact what you do with one of the characters can and will affect the other.
    I don't understand. Your saying programming the ability to play multiple characters and be able to switch back and forth is impossible? That’s what you quoted. I think we are thinking of Jurassic park as being two different games. I don't see it being much different than their current adventure games with QTE's added. In which case switching characters to solve puzzles would be cool IMO. You might be thinking the game will be realtime and it very well may be. I may have missed that.

    As far as my dislike with QTE. Granted in all games you mash buttons , but usually you control your characters movement in real-time and those buttons correspond to actions making the timing more important as it is up to you to time them right. In a QTE game you are basically playing a game of Simon says and your timing has less to do with the dynamic action on the screen then to the tune and speed of the developer who wrote the QTE event. I don't completely hate QTE games. Its just another tool developers can use, but it makes me feel less in control of the character and pulls me out of the action.
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