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AGDI Unveils King's Quest III Redux!

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After 8 years the secret is out. Play it this February! I've put a huge percentage of the last decade of my life into this game's soundtrack and I hope you'll all enjoy it when it's ready!

King's Quest III Redux

Check the AGDI forums for more information on the project.
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  • Is there a more specific release date for this? Early February? Late February? Tomorrow?

    Color me impatient. =P

    edit: also, I understand the creators of these awesome AGDI games need monetary compensation (ie. to be paid) for their work, but I certainly hope that joining up with Himalaya Studios will improve Himalaya's quality of games. I played the Al Emmo demo, and I just couldn't stand it. At all. It's terrible.

    I really do hope for some more great games by the AGDI team in the future, even if I have to pay for it. I'm just saying that the KQ Remakes and QFG2+ are head and shoulders (knees and toes) better than Al Emmo is.
  • I believe that Himalaya Studios and AGDI are the same company, but they have a different name for commercial games.
  • There is no other release date announced as of yet.

    And yeah. Himalaya Studios are exactly the same people as AGDI. AGDI created Himalaya Studios after KQ2+ and after getting the fan license from Vivendi just to have a separate entity that Vivendi couldn't possibly have any control over via the fan license contract. Their next game (which I'm also working on) is much more in the vein of a King's Quest/Quest For Glory type style and atmosphere.
  • I liked Freddy Pharkas.. that was a good western adventure game IMO.
  • MusicallyInspired;445816 said:
    Sierra themselves said that they made a survey for what type of game fans would like to see made and a western style adventure game scored the lowest.

    I still haven't played Al Emmo myself, but the beginning really didn't draw me in. I think they're better at making stories that are enchanting and dramatic rather than comedy.
    Hmm... maybe the western motif was a small part of it, but really there were a few things that did it for me:

    It felt to me that the main character was annoying. There's an art to making a character lovably inept (like Guybrush Threepwood or even Larry Laffer), whereas Al Emmo was just inept.

    Also, in an adventure game with voice acting, the character voices play a big part and for the character who has the most speaking parts to have an annoying voice distracts one from paying attention the story.

    And finally, the 3D cutscenes look dated. It would have been better to use sprites and such for the cutscenes because I just couldn't pay attention.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse. I just hope that AGDI/HS learns where they went wrong on that game, because I really do enjoy their other work.
  • But many have said once you thrust past that the game gets very good. I'm looking forward to playing through it once I finally get the time.
  • I actually got used to Al's voice really quickly. For me, the awesomeness of the narrator's voice MORE than made up for any annoyances I had with Al's voice.
  • MusicallyInspired;445816 said:
    Al Emmo didn't do as well as they'd hoped, so their next game (which I'm also working on) is much more in the vein of a King's Quest/Quest For Glory type style and atmosphere than the controversial western adventure type, which has never done well ever apparently.
    A new fantasy adventure game by AGDI? With the atmosphere of a classic quest? I will almost certainly buy it when it comes, if not pre order it!
  • Irishmile;445825 said:
    I liked Freddy Pharkas.. that was a good western adventure game IMO.
    I love that game!

    Al Emmo was decent, but I agree the voice acting was terrible.
  • I thought that the voice actors were really quite professional, from what I heard from what I've played so far.
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