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    Inn - Lobby

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    Inn room, final town.
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    Farm kitchen/living room, third scenario. Just the bedroom left to finish and background roughs are done!

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    Farm, Bedroom.

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    And guess what! All rough backgrounds are completed. When I return to them it will be to add further foreground details, do line cleanup and input them into PSP so that I can color them.

    Phase 2 for now, though, is a move away from hand drawn sketches towards music. I will be using Finale to produce the music for the various sketches in MIDI format.

    Phase 3 will be character designs and animations but that's a while off yet.
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    This is just a test run to illustrate the difference between penciled darkening and edge enhancements via Paint Shop Pro. The first picture was incredibly light and so was Edge Enhanced to hell in order to bring out the picture. In the second we have a hand darkened penciling with cleaner edges. Nowhere near what we want in a final product, but enough to clarify the edges. In the next pass, a play on the hue/contrast will fade out stray lines and solidify the border lines. From there you can begin coloring.


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    Woo! Step one of 42 complete! Congratulations.
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    Color conceptions. Actual colors will be processed in PSP.

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    Oh yeah, inking is underway.
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    An example of the cave sketch inked so that it can be painted. Only detail omitted at this stage is the table which I'm thinking I'll overlay later as an object. At this stage of the picture, all that's left to do is sharpen up the line edges a bit and then begin painting the various sections.

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    As an aside, has anyone done extensive painting with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop?
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    Wow, this is really coming together. I'll be keeping an eye on this :)
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    Thanks much. I pushed back the music composition while I worked on art assets. I'm inking while I work on character designs. Been a long time since I made real attempts at drawing people and my proportions are all off. Got a nice design for one of my protagonists but having trouble nailing it, going to take a few weeks of work to really find what I'm looking for.
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    Well, best of luck. I suck at drawing people - hands and feet are my major downfall. Can never get those right...
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    Hard work and determination shall win out the day! I hope.
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    Character Test 01
    Town of Anuvil - "The Repairman"

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    Another fan game! Yes This is looking incredible! You're so fast with your work. I hope you keep finding the time. Brilliant.
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    Thank you Doodo I really appreciate the supportive comments :)

    Character Test 02
    Town of Tinsdale - "The Weapons Researcher"

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    Hey, backgrounds look quite good, I see a few things that could improve in a few of them though.

    Do you accept Constructive critiques?
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    No they're horrible and unwelcome.

    I kid! Of course I'm open.
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    Character Test 3/4

    Town of Anuvil - "Veldiel Pass Guard"

    Guard. Not sure I like how it turned out. Was going for an almost super heroish look but... not sure.


    Town of Tinsdale - "Frightened Citizen"
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    Character Test 05
    Village of Anuvil - "Old Man"
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    Character Test 06/07/08

    Towns of Anuvil and Tinsdale - "Rich Snob", "Daisy" and "Bobby"


    Concept Sketches


    Secret. There's a number of things I'm dissatisfied with here, but fortunately it's nothing near to what I'm looking at having as the final product.

    The Black Lich and the Dragon King

    I should add a note that I've never really tried drawing a dragon before. I was sitting at a restaurant doing some research and heard some inspiring music, so decided to give it a go. Obviously I'll continue working on my form. Of these sketches, the only one that's 'game ready' is the first, which I can actually ink and color without trouble.
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    Those are awesome. So very, very awesome.
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    Thanks Darth I appreciate your support!

    Character Test 09/10

    Town of Tinsdale - "Rookie Soldier"

    ??? - Not sure if I can or should integrate this guy into the game. "Diddle's Organ" from the Legend of Mana soundtrack started piping through my headphones and I drew this, my take on the monkey conductor from that game. Will ponder how to use him.

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    Mate it's good to want to excel and do your best but these aren't bad, if you want to do better art work than this then go ahead. But as a semi artist myself I got to admit that I like these and want to see your vision come together. As far as I am concerned you already sold your ideas and got your "clients'" attention.
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    Thanks doodo. For the most part these character sketches are 'finals' with few exceptions that are going to go in game. They just need inking and coloring.
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    Can't wait to see them in colour!
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    I need to get a handle on PSP painting first. My skills are still rudimentary at best :P
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    Character Test 11/12

    Town on Anuvil - "Ricky" and "Bill"
    Bill is inspired by a mix of Edward "Snugglecakes" Van Helgen and Bill the Butcher

    Character Test 13
    Town of Anuvil - "Granny"
    I generally like this picture but am 100% sure the legs will be recentered and thinned.

    Character Test 14
    Town of Anuvil - "Tessa"
    Inspired by a lack of normal women in adventure games.
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    Granny needs a third leg, and be an alien in disguise! XD
    (Not a serious statement!)
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    This project looks like the next great. The Apprentice.
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    RE: Granny... I think the legs are the right width, but yeah, they do need recentring .(whaddya mean, that's not a word? Stupid spellcheck...)

    And would it be wrong to say that I think Tessa is kinda hot in a girl-next-door kinda way? Probably. Forget I said it. Please...
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    @RetroVortex: That's the secret plot of the game. Fighting back against Granny's diabolical machinations.

    @Doodo!: Will I get a special appearance from Donald Trump?

    @Darth: Good part about granny is in the inking phase the legs can get corrected. As for Tessa, I was concerned there were so many men from lookers to weirdos. I felt a good looking girl could be present. There has to be SOMEONE the village men are trying to date. So yeah, I tried to make her attractive.
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    Character Tests 15/16/17

    ??? - Buddha cum Sylph. Pictured at right: Quick face of an angry Sylph.

    Town of Tinsdale - Battlemaster

    Town of Tinsdale - Carpenter
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    Character Test 18/19/20/21/22

    Town of Tinsdale - "The Prestigious Mr. Penny Bags" (Not a final name)

    Town of Roland - "Bluto"

    Town of Roland - "Farmhand"

    Town of Anuvil - "Farris" and "Woodsman"

    Town of Tinsdale - "Innkeeper"

    Annnnnd I believe that finishes the supporting cast, not including a few bar attendees that I want to draw directly into the backgrounds to save me the time of drawing their full bodies (lazy).

    Now I need to design the primary and secondary protagonists, and finish out the antagonists, though everyone should have an idea of what the Black Lich looks like by now.
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    It's amazing how quickly you're ripping through this! The style is very appealing.

    What are your plans for distribution when it's finished?
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    Make it. Host it on my domain space? Offer it for free? I really don't know how good it's going to be. I've never attempted anything like this. I used to do semi professional comic stuff for a local company but that was... a decade ago and I was a first year psychology student then. I haven't seriously drawn in years, and I'm awful with coloring using PSP, which is the next big hurdle to cross now that I'm back in the groove of drawing.

    I guess if people like it, then set up a donations system?
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    Concept Sketch

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