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CSI 3 Dimensions, can't get evaluation

posted by ruth on - last edited - Viewed by 529 users

i have played through the first game (pictures at an execution) and solved the crime (the artist). now i am waiting for my evaluation. katherine says she's going to evaluate me and then she just stands there swaying lightly FOR EVER. how do i move on?

My computer is An Advent laptop, 256 mb RAM, 40 gb HDD, Integrated SiS M661FX Graphics with up to 64 MB shared memory.

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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    I have reported your bug and I am waiting to get feedback. have you tried playing through the game again ? Not the most attractive option, but I'd be curious if it will repeat itself. I am assuming you have tried to get through that case again from the beginning? Your save game might be causing the problem..
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Hi again!

    If I could get you to send me your save game files for your problem profile,(depending if its your 1st profile, the "1" might change to a "2" or "3" etc.) which should be called, "" and your "CSISaveGame1.prop". We shall tweak them to work for you..and act like nothing ever happened :D

    Send them to my email at [email][/email]

  • thank you. i have emailed the requested files. i'm looking forward to being able to play on. Ruth
  • Thanks! Ryan's out of town for the weekend, but he should be able to get this taken care of for you next week.
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    I'm Back! It's in the works as we speak. Sorry i didn't update the thread.
  • Ruth, I am curious - is this the first time you played the case, or did you finish it once and are replaying it?
  • Help I also have the same problem as him

    And should I email the save files to that guy too? However I don't know how to save the game and so I'm still not near the end in the saved game so...

    What should I do?
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