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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • It was never revealed what happened to Paperwaite so I can see him reappearing. My guess is it'll have a lot of the character who were absent from Devil's Playhouse (Two-teeths, Bosco, Leonard, etc).

    And I'd love to see the office brought back as well.
  • Judging by this.

    General Skunkape uses the cloning chamber to clone himself, girl stinky, and possibly Samunmax too. Mind controls Past Max into going back in the past with parts of their DNA and putting tit in the cloning chamber t make duplicates of after Sam and Max Prime (real S&M) leave to battle Charrlie-ho-tep. THEN Max travels forward in time to where Sam Prime is near the statue of liberty, invite him to fight crimes in the future where Sam Prime must stop Skunkape the II's evil plan.
  • Wait are we interested in Papierwaite sticking around or Yog Soggoth? I could see Papierewaite sticking about since he's a wizardy thing. I don't know why Yog would want to stick around on the earthly plain though.
  • It's not like he's got a choice in the matter. He's been trying to escape from paperwaite's "lady-like torso" for decades. Even after the toybox was destroyed he had no success returning home.
  • Hmmm you're probably right and I just don't remember the dialogue.
  • I have to agree with Irishmile, though I did love the charachters for the last three seasons, I think it calls for a roadtrip across the country, and solving cases in a certain region of the country..because honestly we've seen it all before...
  • yeah, an entirely new cast and location would be interesting. Though some short appearances by previously introduced characters, such as sybil's baby, would be appreciated.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Falanca;445470 said:
    Effing Mack Salmon as one of the villains.
    If I remember correctly, they tried to do this in Season 2, but Steve Purcell didn't want that. Seems like he wants that character for himself... ;)
    Irishmile;445394 said:
    I want them to go on a road trip..... I really liked the Hit the Road vibe of traveling....
    [...] Get them away from all too familiar locations and people.
    Yeah, the road trip idea! Actually, Season 3 had a lot of never-before-seen locations, and felt far more newyorky than ever before. We didn't even have a glimpse of the office! As for recurring characters, Season 4 could well take after Tales of Monkey Island, where TTG resisted the all too common fanboy urge to have as many old faces as possible, and if there were old faces, they might only have a cameo in one episode. That said, I'd miss Sybil (and as much as I can say against episode 5, Sybil's return was just great). But I could even do without the C.O.P.S. ... well, for one season at least. :D

    Sam & Max could travel across the country again, or even plunge through space (hinthint) for a decent road movie game experience. The DeSoto was rather underrepresented in Season 3 (after all, it's still possessed!). The storyline should be even more planned beforehand as in Season 3 and have more of a story arc. I'd want the driving minigames to return, sort of (either earth-bound or in space).
  • The "flaming Max head" image appeared before the flaming Max heads in Season 3. If that's any indication, then Season 4 may feature devilish black Max imps.
  • I've read every calvin and hobbes book and i would was thinking maybe telltalegames could make a calvin and hobbes video game,and if telltalegames does make a calvin and hobbes video game,I would like to do the voice for calvin.
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