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Thoughts on Guybrush's and Elaine's relationship?

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From what the games let on directly and imply, how do you think you sum up their relationship?

Why do you think they're right for each other? I'm 23 years old, single, have no friends. I don't really have close relationships with any one, but I do have some feelings. I just don't understand what makes a relationship, fully...

But this being monkey Island I was curious if any one had any answers.

I stopped to look at the game for the first time (Tales), started at this point of the relationship, and as I play through it this time, even though it's just a game, I am observing their behavior.
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  • That's a good point actually, what HAVE Elaine and Guybrush's marriage actually added to the games? Imo, absolutely nothing, and when the game reminds us about it, it's not really funny.
  • I disagree I think it added emotion and meaning when Guybrush dies in ToMI... It meant more since they have made a commitment to each other.
  • I'm fairly sure that scene could be just as possible without them being married. Heck, even the first two games had emotions (in a silly/funny way). When someone close to you dies, you don't really give a crap about wether or not they're commited - emotion takes control and it's all about wether you care about the person or not. I don't think they needed to be married at all to have a scene like filled to the brim with emotions. If they were brother and sister, or just very close friends (or just in love with eachother knowing fully well it wouldn't work), that scene could have been just as strong.
  • I like there marrage. It made the Ring bit at the end emotinal and showed they are ment to be togeather as husband and wife.
  • YEAH.... they also renewed their subscription to TV guide.
  • Irishmile;447287 said:
    YEAH.... they also renewed their subscription to TV guide.
    LOL, and Guybrush to PlunderBunnies too...:p

    Seriously though, that is such a hot thing to call your woman. Plunderbunny. OMG! Ohhh giggity...

    Personally, I'm attracted towards their marriage. I can not define accurately why, I'd only give subjective perspectives of the way I percieve myself in.
  • Their relationship reminds me a lot of my parents'. Guybrush is like my dad in that he's completely well-intentioned, but very absent-minded and clumsy. Elaine is like my mom in that she's much more inhibited and "together." Also like my mom, she clearly wears the pants in the relationship. lol
  • So he's Herman Toothrot then, not Guybrush.
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