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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

posted by Tricky_bluefox on - last edited - Viewed by 39.6K users
I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • yeah, I renember that thread... when you made a dialog about the ending in episode 404, something like this:
    Max: Long time no see, Sam
    Sam: But I'm right next to you little buddy...
    Max: I didn't say anything
    And then they turn around and see past max (as a ghost)
    That was genius!
  • Shyguy;447179 said:
    A spinoff game starring Flint Paper. Hahaha.
    No man; A spinoff RADIO SHOW starring Flint Paper. Telltale tooled around with doing one before. Shame they never followed through.
  • Vainamoinen;445941 said:
    If I remember correctly, they tried to do this in Season 2, but Steve Purcell didn't want that. Seems like he wants that character for himself... ;)
    Depending on what they were going to use him for, I can kind of get that. In my opinion one of the worst things that could happen is a ToMI-style twist where the events from all the previous games are retroactively orchestrated by Mack Salmon. Bleh.
  • If I remember the commentary correctly, they were originally going to make Mr. Spatula turn into Mack Salmon in Moai Better Blues, but Steve didn't want Mack Salmon to have any sort of backstory.
  • OK, brainstorm!
    Let's said what we would like to see in the future's Sam and Max's games. At least three for person at week.
    Me first!
    1- I want to see Sybils baby! It's a boy or girl? It's an statue as like the father, or maybe it's half stone?
    2- I found funny the thing to play as Max in the season 3. Like fighting in a wild combat jam!
    3- Like the games makes jokes with things like internet, TV shows, the Hell... I wonder what will do in a case about fairy tales characters?? Like Cinderella, The Pied Piper, The singing Bone... Oh, the little Red Ridding Hood, I bet they could made a awsome Red Ridding Hood!!

  • Time to Ressurrect another Old Thread.

    Why did I do this, you may ask?

    It's because I want to know if People Care or not.
  • fly;411021 said:
    also i have a feeling it will be a point-and-click adventure game, guys.
    damn, you're smart. and why aren't my caps working anymore?
  • There are a whole lot of new games that are in progress apparently, so Sam and Max season 4 probably will not make it until season 4
  • I really hope there is going to be another S & M season but if they are going to make it I dont think it would be any time soon.
  • Any word on if season 4 is in the works, yet?
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