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Two orders and tracking info?

posted by Overture on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users
Hey there,

After the order debacle from September, I got two emails from Telltale, presumably about the same order being shipped.

ORDER: 600072328582149 Via USPS LN108523227US

ORDER: 600103173031761 Fedex LN110004906US

Neither of these orders are showing up any tracking info since Jan 27 shipping date - the first one is the same as the one in my order history and the "Track your package" link is for the same number, still no info.

Should I be concerned over whether or not it shipped, or just wait it out?

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    Macfly77 Moderator
    If they are international packages (and the format of the "tracking number" leads me to believe that they are), the tracking number will be of no use to you (it's just a delivery confirmation and only works for domestic packages).
    Allow up to 6 weeks for international delivery (depending on where the package is shipped to, it can take as little as 10 days).
    Also, the tracking number you describe as being a FedEx tracking number (LN110004906US) is also a USPS delivery confirmation number (which means that the package was shipped via US Postal Service and not FedEx).
    There is no reason to believe that the packages were not shipped, but if you're really worried, feel free to e-mail Telltale's customer service at [email][/email] (or you can wait until a Telltale employee spots this thread).
  • I'm in a similar position, but I can tell you that it's not a FedEx ID. Macfly77 might be correct however previous shipments from Telltale via USPS have not had an ID. I had already started talking to Amy (Support) before I spotted this thread, so perhaps she will shed some light on it.

    One final note is that I do agree with Macfly77 that there is no reason to think they haven't shipped and I suspect it's just an error with shipping details (as I understand they have been very busy) and it's in transit as we speak :)
  • YEah, they're international. But I've been able to track earlier sendings. What worries me is that there's only supposed to be one order coming. I think the order was re-issued under a different number, but then I got emails saying both numbers were en-route. I'm worried that each was withheld because the other was thought to be coming.

    At any rate, I'm not panicking just yet, more a heads up to TT when they have the time. :)
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