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Anyone here fan of Comic books/graphic novels?

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We had a topic for animation so why not for the comic books? I mean surely enough Sam and Max as well as Bone are based on comics or if you want a better term for it "graphic novels". I think it would be best for a topic on graphic novels. So what are your favorite graphic novels? Also you can talk about comic book to film adaptions(like Spider-man, the xmen movies, etc) including the animated adaptions(like the DC direct to video movies).

Bone was one of the first graphic novels I've read, I've always loved it since i first read it. Great characters, as well as a great story. Too bad the film of it isnt 2D animated, it would have been better than that motion crapture treatment its getting.

Aside from the Bone series I happen to be a fan of Frank Miller's Sin City. I've always enjoyed stories regarding on private eyes through the hard times as well as city based locations. The film of Sin City is fantastic, and is one of the few movies that is based on a comic that I have enjoyed other than Scott pilgrim. I also enjoy Scott Pilgrim(there are two monkey island references in it if anyone hasn't read it, but I get the feeling some people on here have read it). Also I am a fan of The spirit. But i HATE Millers take on it. Brad Bird would have done a whole lot better compared to what Frank miller did. Same goes for Howard the Duck and Tank girl. I like the comics, but the movies are terrible.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I'm not as big of a fan of comic books as I am animation, but I do like them. And, like animation, I'm also working on making my own.

    I love the Sam & Max comics. I've been a big fan of since I read them in The Adventurer. I bought Hit the Road because of the Adventurer comics.

    I also really like the Bone comics. I became of fan of them because of the Telltale Bone games. I read the rest of the Bone comics after Telltale lost the license, and became hooked after I read Eyes of the Storm, which is where it starts to get really good.

    Other than that, I read the Futurama comics from time to time as they are usually pretty funny and faithful to the show.

    Oddly, I'm really a big fan of the DC Animated Universe and the DC Universe animated movies, but I haven't read any superhero comics. I'm really interested in The Dark Knight Returns. That's on my to-read list next time I get the chance. :)

    Thanks divisionten and Vainamoinen, I didn't even think about comic strips when I was writing this. I really liked the Garfield: His 9 Lives book where they had several interpretations of the characters. I really wish I still had that. I also like Peanuts (I used to have a compilation book of these too that I wish I still had), Calvin & Hobbes, Foxtrot, The Wizard of Id, and B.C..
  • I collected The Simpsons and Futurama comics as a kid and got a real kick out of them.

    Sam & Max is just awesome full stop. And Lackadaisy is on a whole different level, I've just never read a comic with so much detail and wit and it's just a joy to read. However, I will admit it is mainly manga I have read, and Sailor Moon is just visually gorgeous, hence it's my favourite. And Fruits Basket was brilliant too for the time I read it... which was long ago... XD

    I've recently gotten into Spirou & Fantasio and am awaiting the New York album in the post. I've read snippets online of Petit Spirou too and they were hilarious!
  • Maaan, why'd you have to go and bring up The Spirit film. I'd almost convinced myself that was just a bad dream. As a lifelong Will Eisner fan, that movie made me want to punch someone. Namely Frank Miller. Right in the nose.

    Go find Darwyn Cooke's run on The Spirit from a few years back - THAT was true to the originals.
  • What do you guys think about the graphic novel works of Doug Tennapel, Jhonen Vasquez, and David Álvarez?
  • I'm a fan of DC, Marvel and Dark Horse, although I do read some other publishers' stuff too.. depending on what it is. Mostly adaptions.
  • Leplaya;449252 said:
    What do you guys think about the graphic novel works of Doug Tennapel, Jhonen Vasquez, and David Álvarez?
    Doug Tennapel - I really enjoyed Creature Tech and of course Earthworm Jim, but for some reason his other works never really resonated with me much. It's good, don't get me wrong, and being born and raise 30 mins south of Modesto, CA definitely made me appreciate Earthboy Jacobus and Iron West (Enough for me to pick them up and keep reading them at least), but I just....never really got into his work much. I really enjoy surreal stories, so it's always been this odd case of someone who, by rights, I should really like but just don't find myself all that into.

    Jhonen Vasquez - I love the dark, cynical and slightly sociopathic bent of his work A LOT. It's twisted fun and glories in the sort of dead baby comedy I adore. However, his art style...doesn't always work for me. I think his aesthetic works best (in my mind) animated in some fashion, so while I loved Invader Zim and his work on MSI's Shut Me Up music video, I find myself less drawn to his comic works. I have read a bit of I Feel Sick and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and the humor is exactly what I love Vasquez for, but just something about his art in a paneled format just...I don't know, it's wierd. To be fair, I have the same problem with Sandman and a few other 'unique' graphic novel art styles. I can recognize the work is quite good on it's own it's just something about the style in comic form gets me hung up.

    I'm not actually familiar with Álvarez's work, so I can't really comment on him though, this was longer than I intended, I'm sorry.
  • David Alvarez is the creator of the comic Yenny. I happen to know about it since my sister enjoys it for the foot fetish. :D
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I never really got into Earthworm Jim, but I'm really enjoying Doug Tennapel's Ratfist. :)
  • Some of My Personal Favorites:

    Bone: I came because of the Telltale Games, and stayed because of the compelling story, funny dialogue, and wonderful characters. Thanks for introducing me, Telltale!

    Scott Pilgrim: I watched the movie, and it was awesome. When I found out that it was based off of a comic series, I went and picked it up to get a good idea of the original story. I was blown away.

    Sam and Max: A friend of mine (ted12) introduced me to the game in an email. I redirected to Telltale, but I got distracted by the other games that were coming out. Once I found the demos, I got hooked on the series and bought the first two seasons in a Christmas sale. I played them through, and I loved them. When I found out about the comics, I picked up the book. I had to bite my thumb to keep myself from laughing so much.

    Maus: I had to do a project on a historical book for Social Studies one summer, and when I found this book on the list, I checked it out to see how good it was. I absolutely loved it.

    Watchmen: My dad actually bought this comic for me. Once I started reading it, I was intrigued. When I finally finished it, it actually left me feeling satisfied, which is not an easy task. Alan Moore, you are a genius. Zack Snyder, on the other hand, can go to hell for not doing a better job with the movie.
    BlankCanvasDJ;448123 said:
    Maaan, why'd you have to go and bring up The Spirit film. I'd almost convinced myself that was just a bad dream. As a lifelong Will Eisner fan, that movie made me want to punch someone. Namely Frank Miller. Right in the nose.

    (checks watch)

    It's Miller time!
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Since I moved my webcomic to ComicFury, I've been checking out some of the comics hosted there.

    I'm becoming a very big fan of Conies. It has a very entertaining plotline, and I like how the author set in in a place outside of time, in both it's setting and style. It feels like it's from the early 20th century, and a lot of the fashion is taken from there too, but there's modern fashion as well as modern slang and references too.
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