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What do you look like? (Post a Pic!)

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I was just posting to one of these on another forum and decided to post on here too when I was stunned to find there is not a thread on here for it! (and I searched! I searched through of 17 pages of results!)

So, very simple 1-5 pics of yourself per post, no double-posting pics (though if you want to post more you can at a later point. Please no photoshopping (except red-eye removal or brightness/contrast)

I'll go first


click for full-size view!

Ok, who's th next victem? I mean volunteer! ;)
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  • Well, that's a whole different story. I only have two plants and those are survival experts, although i try to take care of them as good as i can, but sometimes i fail.

    So you'll be visiting your family and friends in france again? I've talked to people who come from Plabennec near Brest yesterday and realised that i never visited the north of the french atlantic coast or the normandy.

    This reminds me of that someone stole my beret from catalonia, which i miss very much. :O/
  • Yes, I'll be seeing friends and family that I haven't in a while :) Not in Normandy though, in Paris and Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Arras and Lille). Not sure if that means anything to you or not :P
    I miss a lot of things about France, I think it will work well for me if I can go back regularly, maybe a month every year or a few months every few years. I think the more regularly I go, the less time I'll need to spend there (so, say, one month per year or three months every other year).

    I wish the people you get on the phone didn't have an accent. It's hard enough when it's not your first language, and I always have a hard time understanding people over the phone to begin with, but when calling the airline (which I've done a bunch lately) I haven't ended up talking to a single person that I didn't have to make repeat everything because I had no clue what they were saying. It's frustrating, especially when you want to make sure there is zero misunderstanding because your flight might have been delayed because of one (for some reason my departure ticket was booked for the date of my return ticket. Which I got because it's cheaper that way, by the way, even though I'm not actually returning directly.)
  • People either have a extremely short attention span or don't respect the basic concepts, prinicipals, guidelines of threads...
  • doodo!;449206 said:
    People either have a extremely short attention span or don't respect the basic concepts, prinicipals, guidelines of threads...
    Avistew loves her pets that much she needs to tell everyone in all the threads :cool:
  • My mistake! I thought I was posting in the whatever thread. Sorry! I obviously can't read >.>
  • @Avistew
    Nope i never was there as well, i've lived some time in Saint Germain in Paris and visited more the Côte d'Azur, Bretagne or the area between the french alps and alongside the Rhône.

    It once took me almost a year to fix things with my telephone company so i know what you mean regarding customer support.
  • :p woe is this thread. I don't know why I care, personally.
  • Well, here's me. The one that's more attractive than Michael Cera and would have loved to play Scott Pilgrim.
  • ...It's a bit grainy, mate. No offense.
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