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The Telltale Praising Thread

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In the interest of balance, and because obviously, people don't speak up as much when they're happy, I have decided to start a praising thread to "complete" the complaining one. The point it to show that while we might complain a lot we're still happy in the whole (at least I am) and think you rock (at least I do). Anyone there, feel free to quote anything from my list you agree with and to add your own. If you totally disagree with something and want to complain about it, I suggest you do that in the complaining thread instead :p
These things are listed in no particular order.

You give great support and allow people to get refunds with no questions asked
You regularly give out coupons
One of your game is ALWAYS free
You're present on the forums (if less so than before) and answer our questions about your games
You're present on the forums and participate in threads that have nothing to do with anything
You fix mistakes that are pointed out to you
The voice acting is amazing
The music is amazing
You work super-hard. This includes all possible ways to do overtime, as well as really trying to go the extra mile for the community
You care. A lot.
You reference things from the forum/blog/twitter in the games
You let us complain
You let me be incredibly appropriate, including but not limited to:
- displaying my anatomy
- creepy acts of stalking
- seduction attempts
All of the employees have replied to PMs I sent them
You liked the plushes enough to display them. Awwww.
You're not satisfied, you're always trying to improve, to take on bigger challenges, to give us the best
Your games aren't expensive (comparatively)
You provide several versions for the price of one
You keep trying to find ways to give us cool stuff on top of "just" the games

Mmh, kay, that's about it from the top of my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots.

EDIT: BY THE WAY! I find it ironical that I pretty much avoided calling it the "Telltale Appreciation Thread" when it would have fit so well. It wasn't on purpose, I just realised after the fact. Oh well. We appreciate all the work ad effort you put in guys! Seriously, we do!
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  • Don't forget the Telltale <3!
  • This needs a bump with all the hating going on lately.

    Telltale are cool dudes.
  • Telltale games are one of the most intimate games companies I know! Something that is dying out with others these days :(
  • Adventure games have always been my favorite genre of games. I've become kind of...jaded with gaming in general for a number of reasons I don't want to get into right now, but every day I'm interested in video games less and less, and there are only a handful of reasons why I haven't given up on them entirely.

    Adventure games make me laugh, and they make me think, so I know they'll be worth my time. I'd gladly take an average adventure game over the best brown military FPS :p . I don't want to sound like one of those guys with nostalgia goggles glued to their faces who thinks everything was better in the past, but it is sad to think that the wit and challenge of the likes of Infocom, Sierra, and LucasArts have been phased out and replaced with games that are much...well, there isn't a better word to use here, dumber.

    Telltale is making an effort to keep the adventure genre alive. I could go on about the many other reasons to praise them, but as far as I'm concerned I only need one. Telltale is the only developer where, when I hear they're making a new game, I know I absolutely have to play it.

    Thanks, Telltale. :)
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I had discovered Telltale (and in addition, the adventure genre and Sam and Max as well) from the free Sam and Max Episode on Steam. After playing the free episode, I purchased Seasons 1 and 2, bought Surfin' The Highway, and eventually pre-Ordered the Devil's Playhouse once it had been announced. Ever since, I've been keeping up with Telltale's other series as well.

    Although I wasn't here for the start of the ride, I find it fascinating to observe how Telltale has gone from humble roots such as Bone to larger franchises such as Wallace and Gromit, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, etc (And of course, I'm also looking forward to what Telltale has up their sleeves for the 17th.)

    Anyways, I love that Telltale has introduced me into the Adventure genre.
    In addition, I also love their strong attention to detail, as well as how they properly capture what makes the franchises they work with so special.
  • I feel like I haven't played a Telltale game in too long.
  • I only enjoyed Puzzle Agent, but for a game without breasts or explosions or a deep, immersive story, it was pretty good. Good on you, Telltale!
  • I wanted to praise TellTale Games because the Halo series has had a profound impact on my life. Their RPGs like Final Fantasy 6 and Secret of Mana were also pivotal in my upbringing into manhood. All finally...had they not developed Call of Duty, I might have stuck in the gang that I was involved with and continued a course of drugs and debauchery. The only caps I bust are digital people, and not the real ones packing heat on the street.

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    But seriously...I was extremely disappointed when Lucas Arts cancelled the sequel to Sam and Max. When TellTale suddenly resurrected the franchise I was on that like a dog hooking up with a female dog in heat. Back to the Future was such a great movie series, and I even enjoyed the cartoon that was out (although I haven't seen it since I was young so it might in fact suck horribly...He-Man apparently had my younger self fooled as to its lameness factor). Seeing the franchise continue in the form of an episodic game was just outstanding. It felt like I was in the movie, albeit a tad bit more zany as all good classic adventure games are.

    Jurassic you know, I enjoyed the game's storyline. I wasn't a big fan of the gameplay, but you know...I would give them a second chance with a sequel. I loved the characters, and honestly...seeing the little girl get chomped by the T-Rex was kind of fun in a very sick way. I suppose I felt that way because they usually don't allow kids to die in games. I mean...when I would try to shoot those Little Lamplighter kids in the face in Fallout know...they would just flick me off, cuss at me, and tell me where I could stick it. Meh. Seeing 15 year old girls go off into a private area to sneak a smoke only to get attacked by a velociraptor, however, epic win. Watching the mercenary guy slowly progress from a joker to the final villain...also epic win. For some reason I kept picturing him being played by Chris O'Donnell in the movie. Would have been a better call than Batman and Robin.

    The Walking Dead...having played the entire game since TellTale has chosen me at random to beta test all 5 episodes (plus the secret untold sixth episode which includes the long awaited and often speculated answer to what started the zombie epidemic in the first place) I have to say that this is by far my favorite game in their repertoire. It has brought great feelings of emotion involving Lee, Clementine (their inevitable romance), and I don't mean to spoil this, but the fact that Lee is Rick Grimes' brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate is quite mindblowing.

    ....okay I'm embellishing a little on that. Don't rage hate on me. I can't really justify making a comment about how awesome The Walking Dead is until all the episodes are actually completed. But I do have to admit that so far it's pretty good.

    Oh! And then there is Law and Order. I ended up playing Episode One of that game, and I have to admit that it sort of surprised me in where the story went. I certainly didn't see that one part coming. Having never watched the show, does that happen often? about a hook.

    So yeah I'm down with TellTale. I think they're nice guys, and honestly if I could offer the sandwich I am eating right now, I'd probably share some with them. Thank you guys for your hard work. And thank you for putting up with all the crap that you guys have been lately. I hope you don't lose heart. We live in a day and age where a lot of companies don't want to take risks. They don't want to produce games that might not necessarily sell a million copies on the first day. They don't like to mix gameplay up that isn't tried and true. They haven't seemed to have heard of storytelling.

    Please don't ever fall into that crisis. If you do...well I am sorry, but I'll have to create a new account just to flame you guys. Yeah...I know...Judas, you would betray me with a kiss?

    Well...don't fall from grace, Your Majesty. Cause you're one of the kings. Also...don't get fat and kung-fuy with your crazy sideburns and sequined costumes. And uh...if you could maybe try to get the rights for a Bladerunner (Ridley Scott wants to make a sequel! It'll be a hot commodity! HINT HINT HINT) or a Dresden Files know...I'd pretty much give you the entire sandwich of mine. I won't even nibble on it. So yeah...I'm a pretty swell fan.

    Thanks again, TellTale. :)
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