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Heavy Rain inspired gameplay

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The Game Informer article said that the gameplay in Jurassic Park is going to be inspired by Heavy Rain.
Applying the Jurassic Park license to the storytelling systems Telltale has created in past games makes sense to a degree, but in our conversations with the team they kept coming back to Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain. “While our story is more linear than Heavy Rain, actions the player takes are reflected in the way the story is told,” Boyle says. “The choices the players make result in changes to the details of the story. Players will know we are paying attention to the decisions they make.”

Telltale is also heavily inspired by Heavy Rain’s gameplay mechanics. The team is still figuring out how actions are presented to the player, but Boyle says Telltale is approaching the task with “more focus on cinematic presentation of your interactions.” Expect plenty of investigating and looking around in the slower-paced gameplay sections, but when the tension escalates to life and death scrambling, the gameplay shifts from selecting destinations to immediate response.
(If you haven't read the article yet you can find it here.)

I don't own a ps3 so I've never played Heavy Rain but if they had released it on PC or 360 I'd would have picked it up in a heartbeat. (For the record I don't actually own a 360, my friend's brother works for Microsoft and they gave him one when he finished his internship and I just sort of inherited it because I have the nicest TV and game playing area of all my friends.) From what I've seen in the videos is that it looks heavy on the quick time events. Also, I hear that decisions in the game are final, like if a character dies, even a main character, they stay dead.

So what do people think of this change in direction from the more traditional adventure game formula Telltale usually employs? I for one like the idea, partly because I never got to play Heavy Rain and would like to get a taste of what the gameplay was like. I also think it would work better for a franchise like Jurassic Park were the element of danger can't be ignored.
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  • Heavy Rain might not sound appealing at first but trust me when I say it's one of the best games on the PS3. I understand it's different than your usual video game but that doesn't mean one should just automaticly say, "It sucks. Not going to play it."

    I think that most of the people who complain about Heavy Rains gameplay are the ones who didn't even play the game or didn't even play it long enough to get used to the controls. I'm actually glad Jurassic Park is taking the same direction cause at least now more people will try it out. With a big name like "Jurassic Park" more people are going to be willing to try a new style of gameplay.
  • I won't read this thread anymore because Heavy Rain is a fun game if anyone bothered trying it instead of judging it.

    If Dragons Lair is a game, Heavy Rain is a game.
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    I've played Heavy Rain both with the Move controller and the regular DualShock 3 controller, and I've found the Move controls to be more natural and actually easier to use than the regular controller (though maybe that's because my first playthrough was done with the Move). For example, doing the "open door" action with the Move controller as if you were actually opening a door is a lot more natural than spinning the right thumbstick. Also, action scenes feel more "intense" when executing the actions with the Move controller, rather than just pressing buttons.

    I hope that the PS3 version of Jurassic Park has Move support, though I'm afraid that being a multiplatform release they won't bother to make a different Move enabled version for PS3. I wouldn't mind waiting a little more than the PC version if they could implement it. That way you could also have the on-screen mouse pointer, like in the PC version, since the Move controller can also be used as a pointer, similar to the Wii.
  • I have been playing HR but I have such a limited amount of time to play it... for obvious reasons I do not play it when my children are around.
  • Irishmile;450260 said:
    I have been playing HR but I have such a limited amount of time to play it... for obvious reasons I do not play it when my children are around.
    don't want them mispronouncing things with slightly french accents :P
  • LOL yeah I noticed that too...
  • I've been thinking about this. Will they truly be able to create a suspenseful game when you know that whatever happens, you start the next episode from the same place as everyone else?
  • i would say yes. That's like saying you know there's four Alien movies and that the first film isn't suspenseful because of it.
  • Or any other video game with an ending that is able to be reached by successful game play.... Just enjoy the ride.
  • waroftheworlds01;450160 said:
    I understand it's different than your usual video game but that doesn't mean one should just automaticly say, "It sucks. Not going to play it."
    You're poking at strawmen there. I didn't say "it sucks", I wouldn't say that about something I haven't played. Nor did I say I wouldn't play it simply because it's different. I don't think anyone has said anything like that in this thread. If one says they don't care for a certain kind of gameplay and therefore a certain game doesn't appeal to them, that is just not the equivalent of the accusation you made there.

    Most gamers have certain preferences about the kinds of games they play, and they apply those preferences when making choices. The idea that one can't or shouldn't make judgments, based on their own tastes and preferences, about what games to play (or what books to read or what movies to watch, etc.) is nonsensical. Nobody has the time and money to play (/read/watch) absolutely everything and I suspect very few play (/read/watch) things at random. Whether you know it or not, you made a judgment -- without having played it -- when you decided to play Heavy Rain, presumably because it appealed to you in some way. It really shouldn't be surprising -- or reflect on your own decision in any way -- that other people, with different tastes and preferences, come to a different conclusion about whether they want to spend the time and money to play the game.

    Incidentally, I have not railed against Heavy Rain in my posts here (though I did poke a little fun at the description of one scene). I am actually looking forward to Jurassic Park being different than what Telltale usually does and just wanted to muse about how it might be different, how it's going to be inspired by other games, and to express some thoughts on various possibilities. I've enjoyed reading others' thoughts on the matter, as well, whether they're consistent with mine or not.
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