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The Official Secret Fawful Appreciation Thread

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For your listening pleasure...


In a world full of nerds....the establishment keeps trying to silence him.
They exiled him....but they couldn't keep him down.



I'm back, baby!



Now, my loving followers, to show your appreciation
for me and your happiness at my return, I have a task for you.
You see, I happen to have found Comrade Pant's Facebook page.
Spam his inbox with grotesque genitalia and
pictures! Poke him until he goes mad! Do it my flock!
Fly, my pretties! Fly! Get him! Get HIM!

Ladies: you may show your appreciation by taking your tops off and smothering me.

I'm back and they can't stop me! What can they do? Ban me?
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  • Boooo I hate that guy. He's an IMPOSTER.
  • This is both confusing and arousing.
  • Secret Fawful;450542 said:

    I don't mind being spoofed, but wish it was being done by someone witty. Well, the more the merrier. If you really want to do a good job of it, though, you'll learn some of the new tricks I got up my sleeve and save these new signature images of mine. Have fun. [/spoiler]

    Please. If someone was attempting to spoof you, wit is the LAST impression the audience should be left with.

    You are, however, well-equipped to wage a full-scale image macro war. Since the battlefield is the internet, I can assure you that this can be a supplement for any deficiency in wit.
  • image
    Well, you got one thing right. I am well-equipped.

    I'm not looking for a war, though. I'm honestly fine with you. If you want to troll the forums as a me impostor, I'm all for it. I'm behind you one-hundred percent. If you're attempting to troll me, I'm not affected. Coolsome becoming aroused by all of this has affected me more negatively than anything you've presented. You'll have to do a lot better to get one over on me, baby.

    It's no shock to me that you want to be me so badly though. Many do.
  • I hope they ban you as soon as possible!
  • Ignore the troll.
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