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Please make a "My Name is Earl" game

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See thread title.

I'm on my "My Name is Earl" rewatch streak and it just hit me: A more perfect premise for a humorous adventure game there is not. Seriously, almost every episode is basically a fetch quest or something else adventure-gamey.

For those who don't know: "My Name is Earl" is a television series that ran for four seasons on NBC. The premise is that after being hit by a car, petty crook Earl discovers the concept of Karma, and makes a list of all the bad things he's ever done. The series then follows him and his hilariously simple brother Randy, as they try to make up for all of Earl's misdeeds.

Some examples of his list items include
  • Made fun of people with accents,
  • Faked death to break up with a girl,
  • Stole a car from a one-legged girl,
  • Made a lady think I was God,
  • Got Catalina deported.
... you get the picture. The series was slightly less brilliant in the long run than it promised to be, but it was filled to the brim with weird characters and sweet story lines. They ended on a rather disgraceful cliffhanger, which I've never quite forgiven them. But I digress ...

Make a "My Name is Earl" game, Telltale! Please. Take it from someone who owns almost all of your games: Earl and you would make a great team.

I made a poll. You can only vote yes, because nay-sayers don't help the cause. Also: Reply to this thread if you like the idea, so lots of folks see this.

[Oh yeah, I happily waive all intellectual rights your lawyers may feel are coming to me for making this suggestion. Just in case.]
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  • doodo!;450298 said:
    Too adult, too vulgar for TTG. My opinion.
    I see your point. But then again, Sam & Max has gotten a lot racier over time, to the point where it sometimes felt over-saturated with innuendo in Season 3. Still not quite immigrant strippers and daytime hookers, but it's a start. Next stop: My Name is Earl, obviously. ;)
    lombre;450324 said:
    While it would make an excellent adventure game, especially from Telltale, I just can't really see it happening...
    Me neither, to be honest. But it can't hurt to ask. Repeatedly. :)

    Also, I didn't really see Back to the Future coming, what with it not being as off-beat and comic-ey as their previous works (CSI doesn't count). And Jurassic Park? Fairly certain nobody here would say "Saw that coming."

    I, for one, am keeping my hopes down but fingers crossed.
  • I like how no one has voted no for this. :D:p
  • DrRocketGenius;450467 said:
    I like how no one has voted no for this. :D:p
    And a whooping 15 people voted so far! Whoohoo! Hear that, Telltale? 15 × $8.99 = Ka-ching! More money than Randy Hickey could count.
  • I feel Greg Garcia still wants to do more with it. On the first episode of Raising Hope (Garcia's new show, haven't seen it), the news reporter says "A small time crook with a long list of bad things he was making amends for has finally finished, and you won't believe how it ended." And then the TV turns off. Sounds like he still doesn't want to give away the ending.
  • I really want to know how it ends.
  • It ends with rednecks doing redneck stuff while one guy does nice things. Nice guy gets rewarded, and maybe rednecks get rewarded by the gravity of of his positive life change. It's not a complex show. It is the antithesis of complexity. It is a stupid comedy that has almost nothing in terms of a narrative arc. The only thing they might have had left to do was to say that "Doing nice things is good because it's nice, not because an omnipresent force demands it with promises of reward or punishment", but since it's rednecks the chance of denying an omnipresent force that rewards "good" deeds and punishes "bad" ones is pretty close to nil.
  • ShaggE;450379 said:

    Tycho F#$@! begs to differ.
    Fixed :)
  • WOW I just finished watching Earl with my Mother only to see it end abruptly, Seriously thou This game could totally work man, Have Him solve his list Items hell they could churn out episodes! and get the Cast back :-)
  • Hell Tele Talk Make the Earl game happen!, I`m gonna make a Facebook page!
  • Wow reviving a dead thread and it should be in the Generic Telltale should make thread. That's the first time i seen 2 things like that happen at once :P Sorry for sounding negitive but this should be in the Telltale should make thread :/
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