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IF MI6 is being announced (TMI2), WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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1. A NEW Title (Not Tales of Monkey Island Season 2). I personally like Return to Monkey Island.

2. At least one location from SMI-CMI

3. At least one returning character from SMI-CMI

4. Winslow

5. LeChuck (I feel like this one might be a long shot, his death seemed pretty final, especially with the Morgan ghost pirate hunter crap that I wasn't too happy with).

6. A DIFFERENT Morgan (Nicki Rapp can still do the voice, but I'd like her fangirl to be completely gone and have a new, tough, resolved to KILL pirates Morgan).

7. British Navy would be cool

8. New graphics. New look for GB, keep his facial proportions the same but make it smoother. In a year or two the Telltale tool is gunna need a major revamp. Esp in 2011 it's hard to release games without fabric physics and still be considered competitive. I know this is an expense, but its an investment that would definitely pay off.

What do YOU want to see?
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  • 1. Memorable locations from past games, perfectly recreated in glorious 3D! While I enjoyed exploring Melee Island again in Escape from Monkey Island, I personally felt disappointed that so much of the island had been altered to a near unrecognisable state.

    2. The return of Largo Lagrande/Wally/Men of Low Moral Fibre/The Cannibals

    3. No highly random plot lines about voodoo sponges or ultimate insults. What I enjoyed (plot wise) about the first three games were the semi-serious pirate stories told in a comical fashion.

    Kidnappings, voodoo dolls and cursed rings all have that piratey flair I'm looking for! A voodoo sponge, not so much.

    4. Stick with the character development and drama, as demonstrated in Tales of Monkey Island. There were some truly gripping and emotional moments in there! MORE!!!

    5. Winslow and Morgan :D

    6. Fully orchestrated music and varied character models.

    Awesome :)
  • 1. Return of the full cast (including the TMI actors such as Nicki)

    2. I actually loved the Desinger for a Day contest, and the "name book titles in voodoo lady's bookshelf"...those were brilliant and I'd love to put the little gray cells to work again.

    3. Stan and Murray - they never get old.

    4. Maybe a new outfit for Guybrush. Green anyone? He never had green. Maybe dark green with some yellow artifacts, I dunno.

    5. This is number five, although I would easily place it as number one... I would really like if Majus, Suro, Mihai and Martin would have enough time to gather once more so we can work together on IWWH in TMI2. :) Just working with Herr Majus on the scripts was a blast, I never laughed so hard in my entire life. Yeah, that would be awesome.
  • -I don't want Morgan to change, and have two different lovable sides of her like in the original intents.
    -End of the series. Yes I want that. A grand conclusion of the story, what could be more epic?
    -Going back to Monkey Island, AND this being NOT forced.
  • Silverwolfpet;451123 said:
    1. Return of the full cast (including the TMI actors such as Nicki)

    3. Stan and Murray - they never get old.
    Going off both of these, I have to say that I'd love to see Pat Pinney back to voice Stan. I mean, I wouldn't say a thing if he hadn't voiced Stan in years, but he's voiced him in both special editions. Surely he has no qualms about voicing the character now...
    Don't get me wrong, Hammon did a good job with the voice, but it just wasn't fitting for the character in my opinion.

    Also, maybe cool it with the short and chubby pirate model, okay Telltale? The tall pirates weren't as bothersome to me for whatever reason, but that short model was just grating by the end.
    That said... bring Winslow back for cryin' out loud!
  • Falanca;451134 said:

    -End of the series. Yes I want that. A grand conclusion of the story, what could be more epic?
    Was going to post something like that.
  • Silverwolfpet;451123 said:
    4. Maybe a new outfit for Guybrush. Green anyone? He never had green. Maybe dark green with some yellow artifacts, I dunno.
    Actually, I kind of want to see Guybrush looking a little different myself. I know I said so in another thread a long time ago, but the reason I want him to look even slightly different is because he's never looked the same in any of his games and I don't think that chain should be broken.
  • - The coin interface.
    - 2-month gaps between episodes
    - Morgan (as an ally)
    - An unrealistic amount of lower decks on the Screaming Narwhal
    - LeChuck excluded completely
    - Some actual Elaine badassery
  • - I'd like Morgan to return, but I agree with Falanca, I like her having different sides to her personality, having her just be completely badass would be kinda boring IMO. But I would like her to have gotten over her infatuation with Guybrush, she can still be fangirly without actually being in love with him. The worst case scenario for me would be for her to basically be a female LeChuck, only obsessed with Guybrush instead of Elaine. Ugh.
    - I would also like some Elaine badassery. Give the woman more guns dammit!
    - WINSLOW. If Winslow returns, I'd also like Anemone to return as well, just so that Guybrush can continue to be disturbed by their relationship.
    - Seeing inside the Screaming Narwhal, or whatever ship is being used.
    - The Voodoo Lady NOT being the main villain, I'd rather she remains a grey character. Far-reaching Machiavellian plans don't necessarily have to be evil. I do not object to her APPEARING to be the main villain, just as long as it doesn't turn out that she actually is the villain.
    - Stan and Murray. I like them both!
    - Having a game without LeChuck would be interesting, but if he does come back, I'd really hope that Earl Boen is available to do the voice-acting.
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