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IF MI6 is being announced (TMI2), WHAT DO YOU WANT?

posted by DeLuca on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
1. A NEW Title (Not Tales of Monkey Island Season 2). I personally like Return to Monkey Island.

2. At least one location from SMI-CMI

3. At least one returning character from SMI-CMI

4. Winslow

5. LeChuck (I feel like this one might be a long shot, his death seemed pretty final, especially with the Morgan ghost pirate hunter crap that I wasn't too happy with).

6. A DIFFERENT Morgan (Nicki Rapp can still do the voice, but I'd like her fangirl to be completely gone and have a new, tough, resolved to KILL pirates Morgan).

7. British Navy would be cool

8. New graphics. New look for GB, keep his facial proportions the same but make it smoother. In a year or two the Telltale tool is gunna need a major revamp. Esp in 2011 it's hard to release games without fabric physics and still be considered competitive. I know this is an expense, but its an investment that would definitely pay off.

What do YOU want to see?
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  • Meh, if it is a new MI then it'll be New Villain for 3-4 episodes who accidentally revives LeChuck, that way they can have Earl only record once so they don't have to put up with an interim guy like in the first Series.

    Also, Stan's voice actor for TOMI was better then the Special Editions/COMI in my opinion, so yeah. Although SWP is the closest to what I picture Stan sounding like from IWWH.

    Also, a new name. X of Monkey Island, but not Tales 2, because it'd be silly if it went SOMI, MI2:LCR, COMI, EFMI, TOMI, TOMI2
  • Ribs;451230 said:
    Also, a new name. X of Monkey Island, but not Tales 2, because it'd be silly if it went SOMI, MI2:LCR, COMI, EFMI, TOMI, TOMI2
    They did it for Final Fantasy X and X-2 ._.
  • I don't think a new title is important. If it's ToMI 2, then so be it.

    I definitely want them to give LeChuck a rest.

    I don't think fabric physics is really a necessity in games like these, but in general Telltale has been getting better with their graphics game after game, so I expect the graphics to continue improving.

    A "resolved to kill" Morgan and the British Navy just sound like we're veering closer and closer to the Pirates of the Caribbean.

    I do like Winslow and I wouldn't mind some characters from previous games returning, especially an expanded on Captain Dread. I don't think new locations are a necessity but I guess it would be interesting to see Booty Island. Love the Mardi Gras stuff.

    I'd kind of like to play as Elaine for a bit in a new game.

    Orchestral music. Let's not compress this for Wii Ware this time.
  • -Yeah, Jared as a COMPOSER this time, not only the sound check guy :<
  • You guys realize a lot of POTC drew on MI right? As in the first two... as in the ones we champion as the best?
  • 1. OF COURSE not TMI2. Why all of a sudden an iconic game franchise should get stuck with the last game? So, like always, a new name, and new adventures with new characters.

    2. New character models. The clothes at least.

    3.The classics in: (Elaine, LeChuck, Voodo Lady, Stan. Murray is optional but i would like it too)

    4.Little reference to's too soon. It should feel like a new Monkey game, not Tales 2. And that means no Winslow or Morgan. Not in this at least, maybe in a Monkey 7.

    5.Maybe give some answers and stop adding more mysterious unknown plans that are never revelead.

    6.A Guybrush more like in MI2. He is on his own adventure. He is not worring about Elaine all the time, he is not fixing something he did wrong or saving the world, he is just on his own piratey adventure. More piratey stuff. You can't save the caribbean all the time.

    7.Less use of Voodoo in a Deus Ex way. At some point it start to look cheap.

    That's enough bitching i guess.
  • ^^ yes yes yes yes yes ^^
  • DeLuca;451285 said:
    ... as in the ones we champion as the best?

    Not every MI fan does that...probably the majority does though.
  • Throwing in my thoughts on Stan, I'd be happy if they brought him back with either VA, just as long as they don't use Pat Fraley again. He was just plain awful.
    Falanca;451247 said:
    They did it for Final Fantasy X and X-2 ._.
    Only because those were (at the time) the only Final Fantasy games with a connected story and recurring characters. It's why we ended up seeing a couple of games called "Final Fantasy XII: Subtitle" and spin-offs with the name Final Fantasy VII on them.

    If the Monkey Island games were all thematically similar isolated pirate stories and we were talking about a new game that would buck the trend and tie to one of the previous stories, then I'd accept the X-2/Tales 2 argument. But they're not, we're not, and I don't.
  • I don't want Stan to be brought back at all, actually. He's managed to stay fresh and funny (in my opinion) for five games in a row, but a sixth game would be pushing it too far and he'd probably grow stale. He's a fun character, fo sure, but I don't think he's got enough depth to be a 100% regular like Guybrush or the Voodoo Lady.
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