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"Get Tannen!" REVIEW thread

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Hey all, Just finished Get Tannen and thought is was pretty awesome.

The ending seemed pretty weird, but whatever. It is a time traveling story after all. Leave your commentes about what you thought of episode 2.
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  • Just like the ("It's About Time" REVIEW thread), post you impressions and reviews here.
    Don't forget the spoiler tags!
  • I am up to this point at the moment.. but couldn't help but vent here..

    That dialog trap outside the speakeasy.. really.. it that what its down too now? Horrible excuse for gameplay.. almost a guaranteed timewaster to boost the overall time it takes to beat the game..

    not a shred of logic involved.. you basically just have to randomly guess the answer.. i'll forgive the fact that you keep going up to to the same door with the same guard keeper with the wrong answers.. but.. lame is lame..

    EDIT: yes i spelled it wrong.. cant correct
  • It's not random. Don't blame the designers if you couldn't solve it yourself.

    You have to pick the answer that BEGINS with the same word or partial word as the doorkeeper's line ENDS.
  • Just finished episode 2... Loved the storyline in this episode just like the first... There was a couple situations where I was stuck for a bit but was able to figure it out!

    I don't really want to say more as i don't want to spoil anything.

    Otherwise, I found it shocking that I actually finished the episode in 3 hours... A little too quick.... I'll probably replay it again to see what the other choices lead me to...

    All in all another great episode
  • The note that you get left on the bar before the speakeasy opening pretty much shows what you need to say to get in without guessing...
  • I wont spoil anything you couldn't get from the trailer;

    the flying delorean was cool. Similar game play to the first episode. Overall I am enjoying these episodes.
  • Nothing too shocking i guess, if you read the predictions thread, most of the things that happen in the episode were predicted by fans but the flying delorean was a pleasant surprise. It does kind of suck that we will inevitably have to be back in 1931 in episode 3 or 4 but at least we are getting different looks at 1986.
  • That dialog trap outside the speakeasy..
    This was actually my favorite puzzle in the whole game. :p

    (And I didn't see the note. Still managed to figure it out, and appreciated that I had to use my brain a little!)
  • I thought, it was alright, not the best not the worst just..alright.
  • I liked the story for this one better than episode 1, though I felt episode 1 had more to do. But so far the game has been pretty fun.
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