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"Get Tannen!" REVIEW thread

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Hey all, Just finished Get Tannen and thought is was pretty awesome.

The ending seemed pretty weird, but whatever. It is a time traveling story after all. Leave your commentes about what you thought of episode 2.
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  • Yeah, it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on even without the note.
  • I don't think it quite captured the BttF feel as well as the first episode, but the story, characters, and dialogue were still fun. The puzzles were a little bit more interesting and complicated than in the first episode, but still not that difficult. Overall, it was really entertaining, and I'm looking forward to episode three.
  • I happened to like the puzzle, it reminded me of the gamblers club door puzzle in Monkey Island 2. (good times)
  • Things I noted throughout the game:

    - Emmett is an all-around good guy, science freak though he is, at this age (which, as the movies show, does carry over into his old age, First Citizen notwithstanding). Notice that, when Einstein gets stuck on the roof and his flying car has crashed, his FIRST priority is getting the dog down; not for a moment does he consider doing anything else until he's sure the dog is safe (now, once the dog's safe, the car does, of course, become priority 2...)

    - I actually had trouble finding the path to the speakeasy/soup kitchen.

    - Did we really, really, REALLY have to hear all of Edna's song? Ugh. I'm a (non-professional) music writer and singer. It was torture. I seriously had to plug my ears.

    - Both Emmett's flying car and the DeLorean wind up crashed into billboards the exact same way.

    - If you talk to Doc and ask him to explain the plot, even he seems a little confused as to how Einstein wound up in the DeLorean at just the right time. I'm suspecting this is no coincidence, but we probably won't find out until episode 5.

    - You keep the chloroform bottle after emptying it but never use it. I don't think this is a red herring item, but a chloroform bottle? Is that going to be a recurring-between-episode item when the tape recorder isn't???

    Bugs I noted:

    - Cue ball came down while Matches was fumbling for the switch, which messed up the scene a little; the "ice cream" decorations did not disappear before Matches went back to interrogating. Nothing major, gameplay-wise, though.

    - Early in the episode, people kept calling me different names! Edna was the worst case of this; she called me Sonny Crockett several times, and I'm pretty sure I was Michael Corleone at once point too. Eventually, they settled on Harry Callahan (the last time Episode 1 was played on my computer, Harry Callahan was the choice made, although that game was not completed.)

    And this was just weird:

    - When Emmett was on the speakeasy roof, how did he manage to teleport down every time I looked at his flying car controls, and then teleport back?
  • My only gripe was the bugs with people calling me by different names all the time. I mean, I love this game so far, but stuff like that just brings you out of the game. It just seems like a flaw that could have been easily fixed but was looked over. If Harry Callahan is the correct choice for the name, then don't make the other options even available =/ Just think this could have been an avoided bug.

    And yes, I agree with the bug about Emmet's teleporations. Maybe he invented something we don't know about :O

    Aside from that, I'm pretty happy with the story so far. As far as constantly going back to 1931, I kinda of assumed this would happen, as it seems to be the focal point of the story. So it only makes sense. Would I like to see more time periods? Of course! But I would rather them focus on one good story at a time. And maybe, they will make more back to the future games down the line ;)

    All in all, I enjoyed this episode, I love the characters, and I can't wait for the next episode :)
  • Btw who is according to the credits responsible for the episode (direction, game design)?
  • I thought it was better story-wise than Episode One but the puzzles played themselves again. Still, I enjoyed the story enough that it didn't irritate me as badly as it did in Episode One.
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