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IF MI6 is being announced (TMI2), WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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1. A NEW Title (Not Tales of Monkey Island Season 2). I personally like Return to Monkey Island.

2. At least one location from SMI-CMI

3. At least one returning character from SMI-CMI

4. Winslow

5. LeChuck (I feel like this one might be a long shot, his death seemed pretty final, especially with the Morgan ghost pirate hunter crap that I wasn't too happy with).

6. A DIFFERENT Morgan (Nicki Rapp can still do the voice, but I'd like her fangirl to be completely gone and have a new, tough, resolved to KILL pirates Morgan).

7. British Navy would be cool

8. New graphics. New look for GB, keep his facial proportions the same but make it smoother. In a year or two the Telltale tool is gunna need a major revamp. Esp in 2011 it's hard to release games without fabric physics and still be considered competitive. I know this is an expense, but its an investment that would definitely pay off.

What do YOU want to see?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Finally. A thread of lists. I just love your thoughts in here. Here are mine (and some repetitions ;) ).
    • Other Season name would be fine; they could even drop the "Monkey Island"!!
    • Guybrush, Elaine, Winslow, Morgan.
    • May LeCuck rest for at least one Season. And Stan also.
    • In Morgan's present state, it would be interesting to still have her develop further as a character.
    • Follow the concept of ToMI: Focus on new characters instead of bringing in lots of old ones at all costs. Don't force anyone in just because fans like him/her that much.
    • Guest characters: just like Stan, make them appear in one episode only. The shorter their appearance, the better the scene.
    • If you really HAVE to bring back old characters from MI 1 to 3, I'd prefer the Barbery coast people, besides Kate Capsize and Carla.
    • For the NEW characters to return, Anemone would be OK; furthermore, I'd like to see how Coronado de Cava finally meets the Voodoo lady again. After all, he was some kind of Guybrush mirror, and his story did not quite end in ToMI.
    • Puzzles: Implement your normal help system, but not_more. Make the puzzles numerous, interesting, creative, varied, very interactive, but not necessarily "hard".
    • Don't obstruct the screen with ugly icons as in BTTF. No one needs those.
    • Keep the cutscenes short. This is not a movie, for crying out loud.
    • I came to like the graphics in ToMI all right, but could you kick in just a little more realism this time? Redesigning Morgan, for example, would be a great relief to many here. ;)
    • Map-based travelling again on sea and land (lest Winslow be disappointed!), and more places to visit. Give us back the freedom that BTTF sais NAY to!!
    • No new ship. I want the Screaming Narwhal back and add stuff to it.
  • DeLuca;451490 said:
    Idea, let me know what you guys think.

    Everyone says Stan might be getting a little stale. But since TTG is all about character development, what about a Stan who has FINALLY given up on the salesman gig. A drunk, disheveled Stan. Maybe he's missing his hat. Maybe his coats plaid is stationary (Stationary, Guybrush! What am I supposed to do with-- hic-- stationary plaid... *mumbles something about polygonal rendering*) That way we wont break the rhythm of including him but also wont be stale in doing so
    a) I like this concept.
    Make him slow-speaking, dulled, negligible energy.
    It would nice to make him an integral part of the plot in a small way, like convincing him to take up his old profession because Guybrush needs him to barter with another character not so easily persuaded or bribed, a character like the harbor mistress from EMI - she was a tough cookie!

    b) orchestral soundtrack

    c) new villain(s) that will eventually make way for LeChuck.
    Perhaps a new Governor (I'm not suggesting the Charles L. Charles arc). Somebody who will seek the essence of LeChuck to secure his dictatorship in the Caribbean.
    Or, have a different type of villain for each episode, each vying to discover the legendary essence of LeChuck. (This is perhaps the only way I can see you introducing Largo - he will never supplement as a major villain, but as an interim episodic villain he'd fit perfectly).

    d) Old location/character from Mi series to return
    Personally I think some characters are developed only for that one game, and therefore woukd be incongruous in any other context. I believe Largo is one of those characters. But maybe a short appearance by lemonhead, a tourist guide around a new island with a volcano.

    e) Monkey Island must return! Return to Monkey Island doesn't bother me as a second season title. I think it Would be more flexible if you changed the sequence of the words in the title, such as: Tales: Return to Monkey Island.
    That way if there are to be successive seasons we can always identify that as the Tales Seasons.

    Edit: thinking about a season where pirates, potential villains are seeking out the legendary essence of LeChuck makes me think of parallels to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In saying this you could have a title like, TOMI: Sanctum of LeChuck or TOMI: Legends of LeChuck. Just thinking out loud.
  • Trenchfoot;451479 said:
    - Let the series take itself more seriously instead of being a parody of itself. While the tone of the first two games returned from episode 3 onwards, I would like it that tone stayed through all the new season... If we even get one.
    In what way do Monkey Island 1 and 2 take themselves seriously?
  • Teeth, I think he is referring to taking the pirate part seriously. The whole draw of the first two games was that they were pirate games that happened to have ironic or comedic aspects to them. They were still pirate games though.

    NOW we have comedy cartoon games that happen to be piratey. For example, mermaids... okay, but I would have preferred human mermaids to Zelda mermaids. You can bet your bottom dollar Ron Gilbert wouldn't have included Zelda mermaids as serious characters.
  • A well thought out ending. More locations. Multiple ways to solve puzzles. A hard mode with harder puzzles and no hints available. Bring Murray back from the deep! "I went deep sea treasure hunting and all I got was a stupid talking skull" T-shirt
  • Banned User;452018 said:
    A well thought out ending. More locations. Multiple ways to solve puzzles. A hard mode with harder puzzles and no hints available. Bring Murray back from the deep! "I went deep sea treasure hunting and all I got was a stupid talking skull" T-shirt
    For the love of all that is holy, you have high demands.
  • What can I say. I have high standards. By the way none of it is negotiable. YOU HEAR ME TELLTALE!
  • i want to return to the tri island area. just would feel more familiar. Also give it more of a monkey island 2 Guybrush (willing to do more like sawing off a guys leg and stealing a lot more things)
  • I just really want to see what's going to become of Morgan and the whole idea of the Voodoo Lady may be behind a lot of the trouble in Guybrush's life. I assume that's what would naturally happen anyway.

    I'm not particularly bothered by Stan coming back or not, but I'm biased because I wasn't that huge of a fan of him. The same way I'd have trouble with LeChuck not having some involvement, because he has always been my favourite character. Entirely personal for me.

    I would really like to see Largo again, small part or otherwise, but that's a pretty popular opinion.
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