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BTTF Ep 3: Citizen Brown Predictions thread (Spoilers Warning!)

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Post ideas and predictions here.
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  • Loved the ending, it has shades of Biff's 1985 but more orderly than chaos.
  • So I just finished BTTF Episode 2 and it's awesome. It's more linear than Ep 1 is, but it has a more interesting story and such. So now we can assume Trixie is Sylvia, at least. So after Ep 3, I assume we visit 1931 or 1932 later in Ep 4, because of the Hill Valley Expo. So furthur discussion of Ep 3. Go.
  • Obviously, episode 3 will be set in a future where doc brown has set himself as the leader via 1984.
  • Already have a thread for this.
  • Triloge;452576 said:
    First Citizen would disappear if Marty fixed everything, considering Doc did when Emmet didn't see 'Frankenstein.' Apparently you don't even have to prevent your own existence to fade out, it can happen if you sufficiently alter the timeline to the point that you're essentially a different person. I just realized that provides an alternate explanation for Future Biff fading out in the Part II deleted scene.

    (Incidentally, I like the fact that Marty actually says 'fade out,' which he previously only did in a deleted scene from Part 1.)

    EDIT: A team member explained that in another thread. Doc's gone because time travel was never invented, so he never went to the future to get all those surgeries, thus his lifespan will now be shorter in this timeline than in the correct one, meaning he should be dead at his age, so he fades from existence.
    Yeah you're probably referencing the thread I created thinking docs disappearance was a goof until it was explained. But anyhow according to the BTTF rules of time travel, if a time traveller changes the time line, they still only remember the old time lines. Marty is shocked at the end of part 1 to see the 'new mcfly's, neither doc or marty remember the alternate 1985 in part 2, doc doesn't seem to remember dressing marty up in the silly getup or seeing his own tombstomb at the beginning of part 3. So first citizen brown should probably not remember any of the time travel adventures and possibly even marty visiting him in 1955 and would retain all memories of the first citizen timeline if he were with marty in 1931 when marty restores that timeline.

    Look at it this way; in part II doc explains that restoring the timeline transforms it around everyone including Jennifer and einstein (who were not with them when they went to 1955 to fix it) and seems only Doc and Marty remember the rich biff timeline. But suppose for arguments sake, when doc knocks biff out, they put him in the delorean and bring him to 1955 when they fix the timeline; biff should still have his memories from the alternate timeline when he is rich (he'd be the only one remembering that entire timeline) and not remember the current one where he is an auto detailer in 1985. Same concept with first citizen brown hence why marty will have to go back to the 1930s alone.
  • I dunno...that'd make for a pretty pathetic Episode 4, if all they had to fix was Doc going to see Frankenstein. Sure, you could try to break the two up, but it seems as though their relationship is founded upon hatred at some points in Episode 2 anyway. Tossing a bit more hate in the mix doesn't seem like it'd do much. >_>

    "Emmett, you gotta go see Frankenstein!"

    "...Are you sure?"



    *credit roll*


    *time travel to 1986*

    *credit roll*

    Maybe FCB plays second fiddle to Edna...he's like Darth Vader to Edna's Emperor...always trying to find a way to overthrow his master, or better yet, return to the roots of science that he so dearly loves. Perhaps, Edna becomes what Emmett's father is to him early on in his overbearing law-obsessed freak of nature who forbids anything but strict, hard justice. Maybe, in the odd hours of the night, FCB's been working on some time machine of his own...xP
  • It is fairly obvious though that the time machine is broken, and not just from plowing through a sign(and I dunno what Doc did to that DeLorean, but that is one sturdy car). As soon as Marty arrives back in 1986, the time circuits start making the same malfunction noise that they did in BttF2.
  • It seems from the episode synopsis that in Ep 3 we will pair up with FCB and then he will continue to be paired up with Marty at least until Ep 4. Where he and Marty have to create some huge invention to beat Young Emmit at the science fair.
    Most likely I see Ep 4 being similar to "day of the tentacle" in that you will have to swap back and forth between timelines to solve the puzzles.
  • Doc's disappearance's odd. Not just because it's fast, but notice that before they return to the 80's Doc isn't disappearing. His movie ticket is fading off; he's not. Also, why would Einstein have disappeared as well? What i'm trying to say is i don't think any of them has disappeared at all. Why they're not into the Delorean beats me though. I have a wild theory and a silly theory.

    The wild one is that Marty and Doc got separated in the middle of the time travel, the Delorean has divided and the other version of it took Doc and Einstein to another timeline or left them in the 30's. This would have happened because of Marty trying to brake the car just while they were crossing the time veil, for example. It's weird all right, but have you seen what this guys have done with time travelling in Sam & Max? This ain't gonna get half as bizarre as in Sam & Max, and now that i think of it i don't even know if there are the same writers involved, but Telltale has a way of doing in cool and unexpected ways what has never been done before in a series (like, say, dramatic scenes in Monkey Island)

    The silly theory would be that they fell off the Delorean in the crash, and it's a red herring. Say what you will, but to me any of these two options seem more probable than Doc and Einstein just disappearing.

    One last thing. Did you see that "CARL SAGAN KILLED" headline on the back of the newspaper last time Doc looked at it?

    Hey, i've just noticed the 4th chapter's called "double visions" and has Doc's face on it. Interesting :) I don't know if i've hit the nail or not with the theory of the Delorean getting divided, but i'm sure they're gonna give us some serious paradoxical shit and i'm looking forward to it.
  • Seems likely.
    I was wondering, if time travel wasn't invented, why didn't the deLorean dissappear?
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